BURSON TOURING CAR MASTERSBAP has partnered with motor racing series, the Touring Car Masters (TCM)

Burson Auto Parts has become a presentation sponsor of this loud, spectacular and always exciting motor racing series.
The TCM championship brings back the muscle cars of yesteryear at major motorsport events around the country.
Founded in 2007, TCM is more a ‘retro’ series than pure historic racing, combining old-school cars with lots of horsepower and minimal grip with modern components. This ensures high levels of safety, reliability and close competition on show at every round.
Incredible cars like the Holden Torana A9X, AMC Javelin, Ford Mustang Coupe, Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Falcon GTHO appeal both to older fans who grew up with the machinery –  and a new generation of fans who can experience the way the sport once was.
Meanwhile, racing legends like Jim Richards and John Bowe go head to head against a big field of talented drivers who create thrilling racing at every turn.
The Burson Auto Parts logo will be visible on the front and rear number plate positions, along with placements on the front guards and on top of the rear spoilers of all TCM cars competing in the 2017 championship.
Burson Auto Parts General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Damien Hill, said aligning this major Australian automotive aftermarket company with such a well-known and respected motor racing series represents an excellent opportunity.
“The Touring Car Masters is renowned for the quality of the cars, the skill of its drivers and the exciting racing that finds many of these priceless machines being raced as hard as they will go at events all over the country,” Damien said.
“The appeal that this retro racing series has within the automotive trade and with car enthusiasts is remarkable. We couldn’t be happier to add TCM to our marketing program for 2017.”
Burson Auto Parts’ involvement is also a great fit for the TCM Series, said Category Manager, Tony Hunter.
“We are pleased to welcome Burson Auto Parts to the Touring Car Masters Series,” Tony said.
“Touring car Masters appeals to a huge range of motor racing fans, both old and new. Our exciting style of racing, accessible drivers and incredible cars ensure that we put on a great show all around Australia.
“We are looking forward to working closely with the team at Burson Auto Parts to showcase our racing to their customers across the country.”
The TCM Series is the newest addition to a multi-tiered Burson Auto Parts motorsport based marketing program for 2017 that includes several exciting motor racing platforms.
These include the major sponsorship of champion driver Paul Dumbrell’s Supercar in the 2017 Super2 Series, along with the Australian company’s sponsorship of grass roots level motorsport through the CAMS Future Star Awards and the Australian Formula 4 Championship.

For more information about the TCM series visit www.touringcarmasters.com.au