Organise, protect and enhance your 4WD

MSA 4X4 Accessories is renowned for creating some of the 4WD Industry’s most innovative products. While the company has remained true to its roots with quality canvas storage bags, they now form only a small part of the complete range offering of MSA 4X4 Accessories.
Today, MSA 4X4 Accessories is a 4WD market leader in quality canvas products, which include certified ADR compliant canvas seat covers, rear-wheel bags, rear-wheel rubbish bins, vehicle organisers and more.
Following is a selection of MSA 4X4 Accessories’ latest products.

DropslideFit a MSA 4×4 drop slide when only the best will do
Designed by MSA 4X4 Accessories back in 2007, the MSA 4X4 Drop Slide is the original and the best. It even offers a lifetime guarantee.
The Drop Slide slides out from its stowed position and lowers a full 30cm in one smooth, safe and easy motion, enabling the platform to remain in a perfectly horizontal position the whole time.
This allows unrestricted access to your fridge, toolbox and generator at a safe level with ease, before raising the slide in one very light and easy motion back into its stowed position.
Its refined, superior design means that only 670N – 1200N quality gas struts are required for more efficient, assisted lowering.
Additional features include a unique lock-in lock-out safety feature, heavy-duty 200kg slide runner rating, all fixings and straps, stainless steel and blue anodised aluminium fittings. There are 17 Drop Slides and Straight Slides to choose from, with RRPs ranging from $425 – $925, ensuring the perfect solution for your needs.

Fridge BarrierMaximise your storage area with MSA 4X4’s fridge barrier range
Store your accessories safely and securely around the fridge barrier and at the same time, protect your fridge from any loose gear. No more unpacking the car to access your fridge and no more worrying about your gear falling behind your slide.
Available in 16 models to suit a wide range of fridges and slides, its adjustable height allows it to suit a large range of fridges.

Don’t compromise on quality or safety when it comes to seat covers
Vehicles of today are more technologically advanced than ever before, which means that even the humble seat cover must be designed to work in perfect harmony with your vehicle.
Air Lumbar Support (Sheepskin)When it comes to airbags and safety, everything must deploy at the same time – to one thousandth of a second accuracy. If your seat cover obstructs an airbag from deploying as intended, it may well result in serious injury to you or your family.
All MSA 4X4 seat covers are ADR crash test certified, which ensures that the factory airbags deploy as the manufacturer intended them to. This testing ensures that the safety of the vehicle’s occupants is not compromised and the vehicle still maintains compliance to ADR 72/00.
Years of design, development and manufacturing knowledge goes into every MSA 4X4 canvas seat cover to ensure that it not only works in perfect harmony with your vehicle’s safety features, protecting you and your family, but that the appearance is cohesive with your vehicle’s interior design.
However, the challenge goes further than just looks; MSA 4X4 created a canvas seat cover that is durable enough to withstand the day to day rigours of life’s adventures, but not too stiff that its uncomfortable for the occupant.

Tourer PackMSA 4X4 tourer and basket packs – the ultimate in rooftop storage
Manufactured from 15oz canvas, MSA 4X4’s tourer and basket packs represent the ultimate in rooftop storage.
Store your bulky items on your roof rack, safe, dry and dust free inside an MSA 4×4 tourer pack or basket bag. It will free up much needed space in the vehicle to make your travels that much more comfortable and safe – no more jamming the pillows and blankets in around the kids.
It is easy to use with a fully attached seatbelt harness system and a YKK chunky zip with double metal sliders on three sides. Simply open the backs of the pack to put your bulky items such as chairs and tables, swags, even spare wheels. Push them forward, zip it up and you’re off.

A bra for water, mud, safety and convenience
The MSA 4×4 water bra is the ‘original, legendary water crossing bra’, designed to prevent expensive damage to vehicle engines and electronics whilst crossing water or mud.
Water BraEven with a snorkel installed, when driving through deep water it’s important to create a bow wave to prevent the water being forced horizontally through the vehicle’s grill at pressure. This pressure may result in the water being ‘grabbed’ by the spinning engine fan and the fan then being pulled through the radiator, leaving you with a hole in your radiator as well as your wallet.
The MSA 4×4 water bra conforms to any vehicle shape and size, and features a 10 second ‘quick-fit’ design. No vehicle damaging ockie straps or tarps needed and no risk of injury.

MSA 4X4’s patented air lumbar support system
MSA 4X4’s patented air lumbar support system provides adjustable support where and when you need it most! Its quick fit design enables it to be installed and removed in a matter of seconds, allowing for easy transfer between vehicles. Its fully adjustable air inflated bladder insert allows you to position the support to suit you perfectly. You can even install up to four internal bladders aimed at multiple support zones.

MSA 4X4 canvas seat organisers
Keep all your accessories close at hand and easily accessible with an MSA 4X4 seat organiser.
Offering 12 individual pockets for endless storage possibilities including three larger pockets for street directories, maps, magazines, iPads and colouring books. Designed to be easily attached and removed in seconds, it can also be attached to the front of the passenger seat for easy access when you’re on the road alone.
Manufactured from heavy-duty 12oz canvas, with an aluminium internal frame that prevents sagging even when full. The injection moulded foldaway table seat organiser even has a cup recess, making it perfect for travel breaks!

Dash OrganiserGet organised with an MSA 4X4 dash organiser
The MSA 4X4 dash organiser is another fantastic, innovative original that keeps everything you use, when sitting in the driver or passenger seat, close at hand and easy to access, right in front of you! The Organiser will mould to any dash shape and you can even install it vertically on the transmission hump.
The dash organiser has a velcro base that attaches directly to your dashmat. For those who don’t have a dashmat, it is also supplied with adhesive touch tape to attach directly to the dash.

Large tool roll
There is nothing worse than having your tools and cutlery scattered everywhere, or in a very noisy, vehicle interior damaging and rattling boxes and tubs.
MSA 4X4 have designed a tool and cutlery roll that is tough enough to last and soft enough not to damage your vehicle! Features heavy-duty double-layered 12oz canvas, separate top flap and elastics to keep everything in place, 18 pockets of various sizes and heavy moulded rubber carry handle. The MSA 4X4 tool roll measures 122cm L x 420cm H when open and allows for easy and safe storage anywhere!
All MSA 4X4 branded products come with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind and are available from all good 4×4 outlets.

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