Giving hybrids tailored protection

It wasn’t that long ago that finding a hybrid vehicle on Australian roads was like finding a needle in a haystack, with manufacturer offerings few and far between.
Times however have changed, with 2020 seeing a massive 93.7 percent increase in hybrid vehicle sales based on recent data from the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.
With hybrid vehicles becoming an increasingly popular step towards the road to fully electric vehicles, their unique operating characteristics present increasingly relevant technical challenges for lubricants.
Castrol says it is this evolution that has prompted it to develop a product specifically designed to tackle these challenges head-on: Castrol MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-16.
An illustration of one such challenge is that engines in hybrids only run when required, often only during urban driving where they are operating for a short period of time before shutting down again.
Because of this, over the typical life of a hybrid vehicle, the number of stop-start events may be over 500,000 – as many as 10x more than a conventional car.
Castrol explains its MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-16 product addresses this challenge through its unique formulation containing intelligent molecules that cling to the engine like a magnet, providing an extra layer of protection for when you start-up again.
Another result of this kind of urban driving – where the hybrid engine isn’t necessarily running – is that the operating oil’s temperature can be up to 40oC cooler than in a conventional vehicle.
Under certain conditions though, like highway driving where the hybrid engine is required for a longer period, the oil can reach temperatures equivalent to that of a normal car. This requires a lubricant that can effectively protect a hybrid engine over a wide range of operating temperatures.
Blended with full-synthetic base oil, Castrol says MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-16 delivers improved oil flow at low temperatures.
When combined with Castrol MAGNATEC’s intelligent molecules, Castrol says MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-16 dramatically reduces engine wear (as tested in the industry sequence IVA test) and protects even while driving when the oil temperature is low.
Carrying the latest API SP and ILSAC GF-6B specifications, Castrol MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-16 is suitable for use in range of automotive hybrid petrol engines, including the likes of the MY20 Toyota Yaris Hybrid.
Castrol MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-16 will be available in Australia in April 2021.

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