2017 – 2020 STRATEGIC PLAN

The 2017-2020 strategic plan was also ratified by the AAAA National Council in October and includes a range of new activities, services and initiatives focused around four key themes:

1) Consumer Engagement. This is a new activity for the AAAA and will support our members’ customers and potential customers. The objective is to positively influence perceptions of our industry by providing honest and transparent consumer information.

2) Member Sustainability. Assisting our members to have a future in this industry by providing more services that positively affect the bottom line. Good market intelligence and benchmarking projects fall within this category.

3) Vehicle Technology and Industry Disruption. There is a great deal of noise about this at present – much of it ill-informed. The AAAA will play a role in supporting our members to adjust to change by cutting through some of this noise and provide authoritative advice about what to expect, when, and how to get ready for it.

4) Industry Leadership and AAAA Positioning and Growth. As the industry changes, we too need to change. This activity involves a strategic and planned analysis of AAAA, developing new products and services, responding to changed industry conditions and investing in new capabilities and infrastructure.

We will provide more detailed information on the specific activities that sit underneath each of these key themes over the coming weeks.