AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – 4WD

The competition for the AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – 4WD award was exceptionally close with 20 entries in total from 17 AAAA members.
In this issue, we take a look at the entrants who vied for this award including the winning Redarc Electronics 50 Amp DC-DC In-Vehicle Battery Charger

Redarc Electronics: 50 Amp DC-DC In-Vehicle Battery Charger – WINNER

The Redarc 12V 50A In-vehicle DC to DC battery charger is the latest variant of the award-winning BCDC Dual range and features Redarc’s Smart Start technology. A 50-amp charging output makes it the most powerful in Redarc’s BCDC range and has been developed to provide a higher current output. It features an additional charging stage known as SoftStart which has been engineered to handle more demanding applications and is suitable for 12 or 24-volt vehicle systems.
For more information, visit www.redarc.com.au

Ashdown-Ingram: Great Whites Attack

Featuring five new light bars and two new round driving lights, the Great Whites Attack range from Ashdown-Ingram is equipped with new LED technology, allowing them to deliver greater performance with fewer LEDs. Designed in Australia, Great Whites have been carefully constructed from the highest quality components, featuring Cree LEDs which produce higher lumens per watt to increase light intensity. Housed in a marine grade aluminium body with a polycarbonate lens, the lights are designed to survive the harshest conditions.
For more information, visit www.ashdown-ingram.com.au

A x 4 Engineered: X Grille

Together, AX4 Engineered and Lightforce developed the X Grille, a bull bar or nudge bar alternative for four wheel drivers. The patented X Grille is an integrated replacement of the radiator grille for the bestselling Ford Ranger PX MkII. AX4 Engineered manufactures the glass-filled nylon composite grille, whilst Lightforce provides a special lightweight, adjustable version of their market leading Venom LED driving lights to deliver this unified, innovative aftermarket product.
For more information, visit www.ax4engineered.com

CarLab Immobiliser Solutions: Bolt Lock Hitch Pin Receiver Lock

Featuring the patented Bolt Lock one-key lock technology, the weatherproof and durable Hitch Pin Lock is designed to be permanently programmed to lock and unlock using the vehicle’s ignition key. The Self Keying Master Key Technology was developed to provide a convenient way to secure the tow hitch or tow ball. The Hitch Pin Lock includes an automotive-grade, stainless steel lock shutter to keep out weather and debris, as well as a six-plate tumbler sidebar.
For more information, visit www.lsc.com.au

Diesel Distributors: Direction-Plus ProVent oil separator kits

The Direction-Plus ProVent system is specifically designed to separate and redirect oil and air from blow-by gas produced from within the crankcase. This kit will protect your diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system which also provides the option of returning the oil back to the sump.
For more information, visit www.dieseldistributors.com.au

Diesel Distributors: Direction-Plus PreLine-Plus diesel pre-filter and water separator kits

The Direction-Plus PreLine-Plus is an innovative pre-filter that reliably protects your diesel fuel system from corrosion and abrasion. The kit includes an intuitive multi-stage water alert and reportedly has a 100 percent of water separation efficiency and a long service life, meeting the specifications set by leading manufactures of diesel fuel injection systems.
For more information, visit www.dieseldistributors.com.au

Don Kyatt Group: Terrain Tamer Parabolic Springs

Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Leaf Springs utilise three leaves, thicker in the centre and tapered toward the ends, eliminating the weight of traditional packs, and reducing the unsprung vehicle weight. This design improves flexibility, transferring less road shock to the vehicle in rough terrain and reducing driver fatigue. The springs provide a smoother, quieter ride, with better axle articulation and can bear heavy loads, with almost no interleaf friction until there is a reasonable load on the vehicle, up to 500kg.
For more information, visit www.terraintamer.com.au

Exedy Australia: Coolmaster Off Road Transmission Cooler for 4WD

Exedy’s Coolmaster Offroad transmission cooler was developed after Exedy’s team analysed the Australian car parc and found a gap in the market for a heavy-duty transmission cooler for 4WD which would exceed the performance of OEM built-in cooling systems. It is designed to work in unison with, or replace, the original components depending on the make and model of the vehicle and provides a cost-effective solution to reduce transmission operating temperatures, increase the longevity of the transmission and reduce transmission repair costs.
For more information, visit www.exedy.com.au

Garrett: Garrett PowerMax Turbocharger

The Garrett PowerMax direct fit turbocharger is designed for the 3.2L Duratorq five cylinder diesel engine platform found in the 2011-2015 Ford Ranger PX and the 2011- Mazda BT-50. The forged, fully machined compressor wheel designed for the GTX gen II product line reportedly increases flow by 20 percent over the OE wheel. With the correct engine calibration, this enables the engine to be tuned up to 172kW from OE standard 147kW.
For more information, visit www.garrettmotion.com

HELLA Australia: HELLA RokLUME 380 N LED Driving Light

HELLA Australia’s RokLUME 380 N LED Driving Light provides 7500 Lumen, more than double the light of a comparable xenon driving lamp. The 12 high-power LEDs create a superior illumination at a colour temperature of 5000 Kelvin. The warmer colour temperature reduces glare from highly reflective road signs compared to 6500 Kelvin, used by many LED driving lights. The hard-coated polycarbonate lens provides superior impact resistance without any chance of UV degradation.
For more information, visit www.hella.com.au

HELLA Australia: HELLA UltraBeam Gen II LED Driving Light

The HELLA UltraBeam Gen II LED Pencil Beam driving light features eight high power LEDs (6500K) and a powerful light output of 4000 Lumen. Despite being smaller than most driving lights, HELLA Australia’s UltraBeam Gen II LED impresses with consistent light distribution, outperforming larger driving lamps with reach of 450m at one lux. The thermal design of the aluminium die-cast housing enables a very compact driving light that suits the front of modern vehicles without compromising light output performance.
For more information, visit www.hella.com.au

HSP 4×4 Accessories: HSP Roll R Cover

HSP says it is proud that its Roll R Cover “has changed the market of ute covers.” The Roll R Cover offers a secure, versatile and practical cover. Not only is the unit electric, but the HSP Roll R cover can work with sportsbars, cross bars, sail-planes and even ladder rack systems. And it delivers all of this with very compact canisters and “second to none” water protection. The HSP Roll R Cover is truly unique and is the only cover to incorporate all these features, says HSP.
For more information, visit www.hsputelids.com

Kingsley Enterprises T/A Bushranger 4×4 Gear: Bushranger Night Hawk

The Bushranger Night Hawk VLI Series LED Driving Lights reportedly offers outstanding performance (1.3km at one Lux and 21,600 lumens) per pair. Brightness control functionality for quick adjustment of light intensity and inter-changeable spot/flood beam covers to suit the environment give the user control like never before and improves the visibility and safety of night driving. The unique shape and low-profile design allow for diverse fitments. Designed, engineered and tested locally.
For more information, visit www.bushranger.com.au

MercuryPM: Saber Offroad Ultimate Recovery Kit

The Saber Offroad Ultimate Kinetic Recovery Kit includes not only an industry leading Kinetic Recovery Rope rated at 8000kgs, but also two, 14000kg Fully Bound Soft Shackles. MercuryPM says this is the safest recovery kit on the market today and explains that the key feature which makes this kinetic recovery rope so effective is its ability to stretch. When put under load, it will stretch up to 30 percent, greatly relieving the sudden shock and jerking commonly felt during vehicle recovery.
For more information, visit www.saberoffroad.com.au

Motospecs: Drivetech 4×4 Dual Speed Winch

Using advanced dual speed technology for maximum strength and fast line retrieval, the Drivetech 4×4 Dual Speed Winch is available in 9,500lb and 12,000lb models. Designed for use in the Australian environment, it is fully sealed and comes with an IP67 waterproof rating. Running below 95dB, both winches deliver quiet operation. Other features include 26m synthetic rope and a sealed solenoid unit with a three position mounting bracket.
For more information, visit www.drivetech4x4.com.au

Motospecs: Drivetech 4×4 Bumper by Rival

Motospecs’ range of Drivetech 4×4 Bumpers by Rival are made from 6mm alloy and provide an excellent amount of strength and protection without the disadvantages of a heavy steel bar. Designed for ease of installation, these Bumpers include integrated recovery points, LED fog lights, built-in tow hooks, high lift jack slots, winch mount and easy winch access. The bumpers come in a matte wrinkle style black finish and have been independently tested to ensure ADR69 compliance and airbag compatibility.
For more information, visit www.drivetech4x4.com.au

Pedders Suspension and Brakes: Pedders TrakRyder eXtreme Brake Kits

Launched into the Australian and International markets in 2018, Pedders’ TrakRyder eXtreme brake kits are designed to suit the Ford Ranger PXII, Isuzu D-Max RT50 and RT85, and Holden Colorado RG. There is also a Rear Drum To Disc Brake Conversion Kit for the Nissan Navara D23 (coil spring models). Pedders says that the bigger braking surface means bigger stopping power and independent Australian Engineering tests reflected an average improvement in braking distance by up to 14 percent.
For more information, visit www.pedders.com.au

Ryco Group: Ryco Crankcase Ventilation System

A common problem with diesel powered vehicles is the PCV valve – crankcase gasses that exit this valve into the engine’s intake system often contain several contaminants which can cause issues over time. Ryco Group developed the Ryco Crankcase Ventilation System which it says is the most efficient crankcase filter currently available with market leading high flow capacity and internal storage. Further, Ryco Filters have reportedly delivered undisputable industry-firsts with the sump capacity, the high gas flow design and safety valve technology.
For more information, visit www.rycofilters.com.au

SuperPro: 4WD Sway Bar

SuperPro says adding its Sway bar to the rear of a leaf sprung 4WD Utility vehicle, particularly if lifted, could arguably be the best upgrade going around. An increase in vehicle height increases body roll; adding a rear sway bar dramatically reduces body roll as well as improving vehicle balance in terms of understeer and oversteer. SuperPro has produced an Adjustable 4WD Sway Bar range for these popular vehicles, supplied with a unique bracketry system which mounts with rearward facing, high articulation lever arms.
For more information, visit www.superpro.com.au