Eliminating the need for multiple interior cleaning products

With summer on our doorstep, there has never been a better time than now to get your 4WD looking the part and in tip-top condition for your next big adventure.
Eliminating the need for multiple interior cleaning products, 303 Products has combined a fabric, glass, leather, vinyl and plastic cleaner into one specially formulated spray with the launch of its new 303 Automotive Interior Cleaner.
Designed to clean up the toughest jobs on pretty much any surface you can think of, including electronics and sensitive LCD screens, 303 says getting the inside of your rig clean has never been easier.
303 Automotive Interior Cleaner is said to be gentle and safe, but still has the strength to clean away tough stains; lifting dirt from the surface when sprayed on, and wiping off residue free.
303 Products says this formula also helps repel dust and dirt, and leaves a clean natural appearance on the surface after using.
303 Products says its Automotive Interior Cleaner is safe and effective on: vinyl, plastic, rubber, leather, fabrics/upholstery, carpets, glass, and even LCD screens.
The company encourages you to “use what the professionals use, 303 Protectants and Cleaners,” stating that, “when you love something, it shows.”
It says that is why avid boaters, car enthusiasts and homeowners have turned to 303 protectants and cleaners for over 35 years.
The 3030 Automotive Interior Cleaner (Part #30588) is available now from Super Cheap Auto (RRP $19.99).

For more information, visit www.303products.com.au