Bringing innovation to the automotive industry

Extensive experience with 3D metal printing in the automotive industry has meant SLM Solutions Group AG understands the requirements of vehicle part production.
Audi first began using an SLM Machine to produce prototypes, and then moved to special application areas with redesigns and producing parts on demand. Using the latest 700W SLM laser system, Audi now produces parts for the Audi W12 engine.
High performance racing vehicles are leveraging the opportunities 3D metal printing provides.
“SLM Solutions is a powerful, long-term strategic partner for Divergent 3D, working with us to provide 3D metal printing hardware and software specific to the Divergent Adaptive Production System,” Divergent Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Czinger, said.
“We believe that this will transform the way vehicle structures are designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled.”
An example of Kevin’s unique design is in the front section of the Divergent3D.
Complex geometry applied during the design phase of a part for the Bugatti Chiron meant a problem of dealing with extremely high temperatures was overcome.
Using an SLM 280 twin laser, water-cooling channels were built directly onto a bracket serving as an active heat shield to the motor’s electric pump, a solution not possible using traditional production techniques.

Volumetrically, the largest functional titanium component built was the Bugatti Brake Caliper. Constructed using Ti6AL4V in an SLM 500 multi-laser machine, tests conducted on the final product showed significant achievements both in a tensile strength of 1,250 n/mm and material density over 99.7 percent.
The latest news comes from Porsche where a new E-Drive housing required innovative design topology.
Lattice structures were optimised to reduce weight, functional cooling channels integrated, and a higher part stiffness achieved through specific build techniques.
The E-Drive housing was built using SLM Solutions’ latest machine, the NXG XII 600. Designed specifically for series production of parts this recently released laser system will greatly reduce dependence on part warehousing and issues associated with logistics and supply.
“A number of SLM Solutions systems are in operation in Australia,” John Grace, the Managing Director of SLM supplier Raymax Applications Pty Ltd, said.
“We would like to see the automotive parts industry take up the challenges of 3D printing for local part supply or even export to overseas vehicle manufacturers. We believe this is an opportunity for Australian businesses that is not to be missed.”

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