In 2019, the technology manufacturer celebrates four decades in business

Australian manufacturer Redarc Electronics is a technology-based company that designs, manufactures and supports patented, reliable and fully integrated portable vehicular power solutions that continue to lead the way in the 4WD industry.
This year, Redarc is celebrating a very special milestone, its 40th year. Over the decades, the business has grown exponentially to become a world-class advanced electronics manufacturer, servicing both domestic and international markets with more than 200 staff.
“Redarc is not just a world-class manufacturing facility, it’s an agile and innovative problem solver. We give our customers the confidence in mission critical situations where things just have to work,” Redarc Managing Director, Anthony Kittel, said.
“At Redarc there are no limits to where you can go. Our rugged products and customer obsession play a crucial role in ensuring that, whatever your mission, you can get there and back safely and confidently, secure in the knowledge that you have left nothing to chance.”
Now 40 years strong, Redarc’s $22m investment strategy to scale up the business has resulted in the recent expansion of its Lonsdale factory, the introduction of new state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and systems, the installation of sustainable power infrastructure, new staff recruitment and ongoing investment in its highly skilled workforce.
Anthony stated that all of this would not have happened without the support from customers, the industry, distributors, suppliers, and trade backing Australian manufacturers.
In celebration of its 40th year, in this article we take a look at the history of some of Redarc’s long-standing products as well as some newer ones, that have taken the 4WD industry by storm.

Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controller range
Redarc has been manufacturing electric brake controllers since 1989, with the first designed electric brake controller – known as the EB – being a compact box with a rotary knob used to adjust trailer braking strength. It incorporated an override button with an LED to indicate trailer connection and strength.
In later model vehicles there was less dash real estate, more curved surfaces, shrinking driver space and numerous airbags around the driver and passenger, which called for a new design in electric brake controller technology.
In the mid-2000s Redarc released the Electric Brake Remote Head brake controller, which had the main unit tucked away behind the dash and the control knob which could be fitted in a factory pop-out switch.
Perhaps Redarc’s biggest “brake through” to date, is their Tow-Pro electric brake controller, which was first released in 2014. Tow-Pro is the first Electric Trailer Brake Controller released to the Australian market that incorporates both Proportional and User-controlled braking in the one unit.
With the introduction of Tow-Pro Elite in 2015 it once again pushed the limit of what a brake controller could do.
Through Active Calibration, the need for an initial calibration process was no longer required as the unit constantly monitors the vehicle’s direction of travel with or without a trailer attached. This has resulted in hassle-free installation for trades people, specialist towing providers and 4×4 stores, with the added bonus that the user will not have to attach their trailer to calibrate the unit.
Earlier this year, Redarc released the Tow-Pro Elite V3, with further enhancements related to the size and installation of the remote head and compatibility with new vehicle technology.
“The new and updated remote head will benefit those who install the product by simplifying the installation process, ultimately saving them time”, Anthony said.

BCDC In-vehicle Battery Charger Range
Redarc has been designing and manufacturing in-vehicle battery chargers since 2009. The grey nomad movement, the arrival of smart alternators, temperature compensating alternators and Euro 5 and Euro 6 compliance were just some of the factors to why their BCDC in-vehicle battery chargers took off. As a result, the BCDC1220 was introduced.
With the addition of MPPT solar regulators and more power, the BCDC1225 and BCDC1240 were added to the family, along with smart alternator compatible variants of the 20, 25, and 40A models. They featured a multistage DC-DC battery charging profile that was designed for installation in any 12 or 24V car, 4WD, truck, bus or marine electrical system.
In 2018, the BCDC1250D 50-amp model was introduced, making it Redarc’s most powerful in the range.
Nowadays the reliable in-vehicle battery chargers have been consolidated; with more functionality from fewer models and a dual input range that can charge all battery types and alternator types with direct input from solar. The BCDC is used and recommended by vehicle manufacturers, including Toyota and Ford in Australia, and Fiat and Peugeot in Europe.

AC Chargers
Redarc has been making AC chargers for quite some time, but more recently introduced a range of SmartChargers by DEFA designed to automatically charge and maintain most 12v automotive start and auxiliary batteries including Lithium (LiFeP04).
Redarc says the SmartCharge range are the perfect battery chargers for people to keep in their home and garage or anywhere where you might need to charge a battery occasionally. They are ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as cars, boats, motorbikes, scooters, lawnmowers and just about anything else with a small battery that isn’t used on a regular basis.
“The addition of the SmartCharge range is a natural and logical fit to our existing power management product offerings,” Anthony said.

RedVision Total Vehicle Management System
Redarc explains the idea behind RedVision came through spending considerable time with caravan manufacturers and installers to better understand how they do things and appreciate their pain points which was mainly around the electrical installation and set-up.
RedVision is a central hub that connects electrical devices and displays vital information for a vehicle or RV and its on-board 12V accessories by bringing information and control together in one place.
As a result, RedVision reduces installation complexity, electrical wiring which increases fuel efficiency, therefore can help GVM is maintained at legal levels. Customers can customise their vehicle as they see fit and provides them with the ability to control all powered and power related devices through a single platform that is easy to operate and access.
Mostly recently, Redarc took away two gongs
for RedVision: the Australian Industrial
Product of the Year Award at the Manufacturer’s monthly Endeavour Awards, and the Gerry
Ryan OAM Award for Innovation at the Caravan Industry Association of Australia awards to complement the 2018 Good Design Australia Award for Innovation.

For more information, visit www.redarc.com.au