“The first of its kind in Australia,” says Beaudesert Exhaust

Beaudesert Exhaust says it is proud to introduce you to 441 Grade Stainless Steel which it says is the first of its kind in the country.

What is 441 grade stainless steel?
441 is a magnetic stainless steel which is therefore classified as a ferritic stainless steel. Beaudesert Exhaust says while people sometimes create a perception that magnetic stainless steel is of poor quality, this is false and used in the right application, magnetic steel may even perform better than non-magnetic stainless steel.

441 grade stainless steel benefits
Beaudesert Exhaust says the properties of 441 tube make it hard to beat. It states that 441 grade stainless steel outperforms 409 stainless steel in both oxidation, corrosion resistance and high temperature strength.
As in other types of stainless steels, it is the content of chromium that impacts corrosion resistance to the alloy. For example, 409 grade stainless steel material has a chromium content of no more than 11.75 percent. 441 grade stainless steel material however has a minimum of 18 percent Chromium content, Beaudesert Exhaust explains, stating this is the same as 304-Grade stainless steel.
Further, it says 441 grade stainless steel tolerates heat and stress cracks due to the Niobium and Titanium content it has. These elements in the material help formability and heat dispersion and higher malleability means vibration is absorbed more effectively, protecting welds and joins from cracking. The chromium content also gives it superior rust protection.
Beaudesert Exhaust says its commitment to continuous improvement has let it investigate the benefits of 441 stainless steel, and that it is now very excited about the launch of its new ‘Rugged’ range of aftermarket 4WD exhaust systems in 441 Stainless Steel.
The ‘Rugged’ exhaust is a full stainless steel system including plates and brackets, reportedly making it the most resilient base-model exhaust system on the market. Beaudesert Exhaust says the quality of this range far exceeds the expectation of the current market for its price point and is therefore “a leader in its class and the only range of its kind.”

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