For the first time the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo will host a dedicated 4WD Innovation Zone

With net revenue from the sale of 4WD parts and accessories in Australia set to grow by a whopping 17.5 percent over the next few years, it is no accident 4WD-related products will take centre stage at this year’s Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAExpo).
Australians are obsessed with their four-wheel drives, with SUV/4WD-category sales accounting for more than half of the million vehicles sold across the country in 2021, and more than 5.5 million 4WDs currently on the nation’s roads. That presents a fantastic opportunity for Australia’s more than 2,100 businesses servicing the 4WD aftermarket.
In fact, a recent Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) study found the 4WD aftermarket – which already generates $6 billion in revenue from the manufacture, distribution and sales of parts and accessories each year – is booming.
For the first time, this year’s AAAExpo, proudly sponsored by Repco, will host a dedicated 4WD Innovation Zone. Many of the biggest and best 4WD companies in Australia will share, promote, network and sell their latest technology, products, tools and equipment in a unique, industry specific B2B environment.
“There is a huge level of confidence in the 4WD parts and accessories market, with companies looking at the volume of 4WD sales and the expected growth in the 4WD aftermarket, and seizing the opportunity to expand and improve their ranges,” AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, said.
“A lot of work has gone into developing new parts, accessories, tools and equipment. The 4WD Innovation Zone is a unique and exciting opportunity for manufacturers, resellers and retailers to get together, see what’s new, and do business.”
Some of Australia’s most respected 4WD brands are looking forward to the benefits offered by the new 4WD Innovation Zone and amongst the companies exhibiting are East Coast Bullbars (ECB), Vehiqa Australia and Razorback 4×4.
“The Auto Aftermarket Expo is a must attend industry event for East Coast Bullbars, and we’re excited to be part of the 4WD Innovation Zone initiative,” ECB General Manager, Craig Kittle, said.
“We’re looking forward to building relationships with distributors, showcasing our latest products and connecting with potential fleet customers at the show.”
Cangoee Australia Managing Director, Andrew Holden, said he was looking forward to using the company’s stand in the 4WD Innovation Zone to launch new product
“Our unique vehicle mobile power systems which incorporate our latest generation solid state power management will be the stars of our stand in the 4WD Innovation Zone,” Andrew said.
“We are very much looking forward to taking the opportunity to also launch our new brand, Cangoee, and to hosting prospective dealers at our stand.”
Razorback 4×4 is keen to take advantage of the B2B opportunities presented by the Expo.

“Razorback’s stall will feature our line of interior protection accessories – our high quality, tailored seat covers. We will have the covers on seats so we can show off the tailored fit, and will also be showing off samples of other products, such as console lids and organisers, canvas accessories, and different materials,” Razorback 4×4 Business Development Manager, Joshua Mitrou, said.
“The AAAExpo is an expo that will allow us to make new B2B connections, and offer our services in regard to fleets, outsourcing, and reaching a different demographic of customer compared to our online retail sales. We are backed by a large OEM facility, and are looking forward to discussing outsourcing and manufacturing opportunities at a trade show focused on B2B rather than retail and the individual consumer.
“4WDs keep growing in popularity in Australia, and on a global scale. They aren’t just for tradies and off-roaders anymore, but are now being used as family cars and daily rides, and are just reaching large levels of popularity. By embracing this with its 4WD Innovation Zone, we believe the AAAA is in a good place to support established and up and coming companies in this space, and we are looking forward to being part of it.
“At Razorback we don’t just offer the highest quality tailored seat covers on the retail market, but we also offer outsourcing, manufacturing, and OEM work through our parent company, Zervi. We would love to talk about any client needs at the AAAExpo, and we can tailor a product or solution no matter the size of the request. We look forward to seeing you at the show!”
The 4WD Innovation Zone forms just one great component of the unmissable Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, which co-located with the Collision Repair Expo is the nation’s only comprehensive exhibition for Australia’s $25B aftermarket industry.
With the theme of ‘The Workshop of the Future is Here’ a total of 250 exhibitors will join over 8,000 trade visitors, across three days to experience the latest parts, equipment and technology and network with industry colleagues.

For more information, visit www.autoaftermarketexpo.com.au