Ryco’s Emma Laukens brings automotive supply chain expertise to the Australian 4WD Industry Council

In Australia, the interests of recreational off-road enthusiasts sometimes require mediation to find fair, sustainable and commonsense solutions in shared spaces.
Decisions made at the regulator level can flow on to hobbyists, sporting groups, vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers, and affect the larger automotive industry.
The Australian 4WD Industry Council is best known for its advocacy of the non-competitive 4WD lifestyle, boosting the 4×4 industry and consulting with governments on their strategic approach to issues that affect the 4WD community.
The council is a vital link between community, industry, and regulators, helping all parties have a voice in the process of making 4WDing safer, more accessible, and enjoyable. 
As a Business Development Manager and former Territory Manager for Ryco, Emma Laukens stands out as a natural fit for membership with the 4WD council.
She joins the council to provide informed guidance and opinions on automotive supply chain logistics as both an industry expert and longtime 4×4 enthusiast. Emma says she believes that her “industry credentials and longtime personal interest make [her] an ideal partner to help steer discussion and policy alongside the council.”
Emma has spent the majority of her career growing Ryco’s relationships with strategic partners around the company’s core range of products.
Emma works directly with business owners and distributors to improve processes and standards across the industry as a whole, while also helping to grow the Ryco brand.
She brings to the Australian 4WD council an extensive, hands-on knowledge of automotive supply chain logistics and years of experience successfully managing the broader business interests of Ryco and other automotive brands.
Recognised by Ryco as an eager learner with upward trajectory in the organisation, Emma is well-regarded internally for taking on new, difficult tasks, with a string of wins in her relatively short career.
More recently, Emma’s success within Ryco led to her taking responsibility for their large-scale overhaul of 4WD parts distribution channels. Emma also liaises with supply chain decision makers to improve and scale up sales of the Ryco branded product range.
Emma says the supply chain redesign project has been transformative, both for its obvious efficiency gains, and enhancing her own automotive supply chain knowledge through hands-on experience.
“Optimising 4WD supply chain distribution channels has improved how we ensure responsive supply of parts to dealers and end users across the country,” Emma said.
“Because the environment we work in is so reactive, the dynamics can shift very quickly. Leveraging my experience to help the 4WD council make better-informed decisions, and improve 4×4 for the community, while bringing learnings back to Ryco is an exciting opportunity.”

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