In this column, Capricorn Society Group Chief Executive Officer, David Fraser, updates us on all things Capricorn

Capricorn Gala Dinners and Tradeshows are currently in full swing with events taking place across Australia and New Zealand until the end of November.
It’s been a real pleasure to catch up with so many Members and Preferred Suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand, to hear more about their businesses and how Capricorn is supporting their continued growth.
The events themselves are a great opportunity for workshops, suppliers and all others connected to the automotive repair industry, to come together and make lasting connections. The fact that it’s a great night out with outstanding food and entertainment doesn’t hurt either.
I would like to thank all of our Members who have helped raise money and awareness for prostate cancer as part of this year’s “Capricorn Cares” campaign.
Inspired by one of our Members who is currently battling the disease, Capricorn Members have been kind enough to donate almost $6,000 to the Prostate Cancer Foundations of Australia and New Zealand.
But more important than raising money is getting checked. All it takes is a simple PSA blood test that, when taken regularly, can be critical in catching the cancer before it spreads. Far too many men are being lost before their time due to the disease, so I encourage all men in the automotive community to get checked. Remember it’s not just a “men’s disease”, it is a “family’s disease” affecting the families, friends and loved ones of those diagnosed, too.
While we’re talking about protecting ourselves, our thoughts go out to those workshops and communities affected by the devasting bushfires in QLD, NSW and across the country.
These fires are occurring much earlier than the “normal” bushfire season due, in part, to the unseasonal dry weather, causing drought-like conditions throughout much of the region.

For any Members or non-members concerned about the risk of fire, our Capricorn Risk Account Managers are available to help assess their options for protection. To make an appointment you can contact us on 1800 007 022 or visit www.capricornrisk.com

For more information on Capricorn Society membership, visit www.capricorn.coop