Bluechem offers a range of systems and products to make sure your petrol and diesel engines are as clean as they can be

When it comes to cleaning your injection system or air intake system, Bluechem says its Clearflow device combined with the appropriate Bluechem product for the task is the way to go.
The Clearflow device is for cleaning injector valves and nozzles which are contaminated or gummed up with resin. Additionally, problems caused by carbon deposits on inlet or outlet valves can be treated.
Modern compact direct injection engines, equipped with both a turbocharger and exhaust gas recirculation, are becoming more common as they meet the current customer demand for adequate performance while at the same time complying with current emission standards.
However, the disadvantages of this technology include stubborn deposits (carbonisation) that accumulate in the combustion chamber, intake and exhaust system. In the long run, this results in poor performance, higher fuel consumption and increased emissions.
The solution to this problem – before the vehicle owner has to deal with costly repairs – is provided by performing a complete cleaning of the air intake system leading up into the combustion chamber.

Clean with a range of products
For the problem described above Bluechem recommends using its Triple X Plus product with the Clearflow device.
With only one application, the product reportedly eliminates all operational deposits in these two areas, while its special recipe allows for application in both diesel and petrol engines, resulting in a reduction of inventory in the automotive workshop.
Bluechem advises that you use 375ml per application, applied solely using the Clearflow air intake cleaning device. Triple X Plus can be used on all engines and is recommended for direct fuel injections equipped with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.
Bluechem further recommends that before air intake cleaning, that its Oil System Cleaner is added to the oil and the oil change is performed following the air intake cleaning. It advises using Bluechem’s Carbon X to clean the piston crown on diesel or petrol engines without dismantling, as the results are as the OEM designed.
When it comes to injector cleaning with the Clearflow system, Bluechem notes that its Fuel System Cleaner removes operationally caused contamination in the entire fuel system. It removes resin in the injection nozzle areas and removes further carbon residues and soot deposits within the entire upper cylinder area. Humidity and condensation are also eliminated while the product lubricates and protects the upper cylinder area.
The petrol Fuel System Cleaner is applied either to the fuel tank or in diagnostic problems, cleaning should be carried out using the Clearflow 2000x directly to the injectors.
Bluechem’s Diesel System Super Clean is another high-performance cleaner for diesel engines. This product contains solely ashless ingredients. It removes operationally-caused contamination, resin, wax and adhesive bonds in the entire diesel system. From the tank, injection pumps to the injectors, and finally to the combustion chamber. For application, apply direction into the diesel tank or fuel filter. This product is recommended for engines with DPF, turbos and catalytic converters. In diagnostic remedies cleaning should be carried out using the Clearflow 2000x directly to the injectors.

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