Solder Master is perfect for small or confined spaces

Designed and engineered by the battery experts at Master Instruments, the new Solder Master soldering iron features a rapid 10 second heat-up time, LED guide light for poorly lit areas and interchangeable solder tips.
The lightweight and ergonomic tool is adaptable to most environments and tasks, and is perfect for use under the bonnet, under the dashboard or even in the boot.
Boasting up to 270 minutes of run time before recharging is required, the new Lithium Ion powered soldering iron from Solder Master provides a professional grade tool for any workshop, with those behind the product exclaiming: “that is up to one month of regular daily use between recharges!”
No Gas, no flame and no leaks removes potentially dangerous unwanted gasses and the accidental ignition of nearby flammable materials found with Butane powered irons, and trip hazards from extension cables used with plug-in Irons.
Solder Master boasts high-quality Japanese cells and the protection found in the internal battery means safe and consistent performance for years to come, with full recharges achievable in approximately four hours.
The Carbon fibre styled casing also features an easy to operate mode button with LED indication of heat level and battery state of charge and the silicon lined safety cap is capable of covering the tips, even when they’re still hot.
Solder Master ESM-50WL is supplied as a full kit with AC and DC Chargers, two tips and some solder.

For more information, visit www.soldermaster.com.au