From BrainStorm Software

Running diagnostics on your car during a periodic service can reveal potential problems. However, cars are becoming smarter and to a large extent, many diagnostics now display in real-time on your dashboard; like low tyre pressure.
Like cars, businesses that are committed to becoming smarter will place timely information in front of those who need it most.
Often, company executives invest in Business Intelligence to help their staff create reports to analyse Sales or some other aspect of their business.
Typically, the output is end-of-month Spreadsheets that only serve to provide after-the-fact reporting for Sales Managers who then address any shortcomings with the Sales Reps. But BrainStorm Software posits, isn’t that too little, too late?
BrainStorm Software is an ERP Reseller and developer of bespoke solutions and asks: what if we presented that data to those who could best use it in a timely fashion? What if, each morning, Sales Reps log into their tablet and are immediately presented with a dashboard showing their performance in all key areas?
Various indicators would clearly show how well they have covered their territory, their performance against sales targets, and how well they are performing in relation to their peers.
When they arrive at their first customer, they will then be presented with vital information about that customer including buying patterns, and possibly, what they have not been buying that similar businesses do buy.
Of course, the Sales Managers can still have their regular reports, but BrainStorm Software asks why not also give them a set of dashboards and tools so they know what is going on in real-time and can also take timely action with no more end-of-month surprises?
Further, it suggests taking that same concept to the Production Floor, providing supervisors with timely information as to how efficiently their crew is performing and how much downtime has been attributed to various production issues, with this timely information able to be used by those in a position to make a difference.
InBI, BrainStorm Software’s business intelligence strategy solution, is predicated on working from the desired outcome backwards to create dashboards and reporting specifically designed to motivate and help staff achieve their best outcomes.

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