Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning is saving workshops and customers thousands

An expensive brand-new Diesel Particulate Filter is reportedly now not the only solution to a blocked DPF.
DPF Cleaning Queensland says it has an alternative, stating that with trialled, tested and proven-to-work methods, it can clean Diesel Particulate Filters and save workshops and their customers thousands of dollars.
DPF Cleaning Queensland also offers free technical support to Queensland workshops and mechanics to diagnose the cause of blocked DPFs.
Until recently, DPF Cleaning Queensland says blocked DPFs have been unnecessarily replaced because awareness around DPF cleaning has yet to become mainstream in the mechanical industry.
Owner and founder of DPF Cleaning Queensland, Adam Hopkins, said DPF cleaning can save mechanics and their customers thousands.
“DPF cleaning is still a relatively new service and isn’t the go-to for many workshops when faced with a blocked DPF,” Adam said.
“We want to support other mechanics by providing them with an affordable DPF cleaning solution whilst also providing free technical support that assists them in accurately diagnosing the cause of a DPF problem which will ultimately save themselves and their customers time and money.”
DPF Cleaning Queensland is urging mechanics and workshops to contact them for DPF cleaning and diagnosis technical support to help save their business and their customers thousands.

Benefits of cleaning versus replacing
• Lower cost – replacing a vehicle’s DPF can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000 or more, depending on the vehicle. DPF Cleaning Queensland says it can have the DPF cleaned and ready to work for substantially less, saving you and your clients thousands.
• Keep your customers happy – DPF Cleaning Queensland says it knows that customers are what keep businesses rolling and keeping them happy certainly helps. By offering them a more affordable solution for their blocked DPF that cuts their costs and decreases vehicle downtime, it says you are going to have happy customers that keep coming back.
• Reduces waste – cleaning DPFs rather than replacing them is a form of recycling which reduces waste.

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