I would like to welcome everyone to 2020 and the first edition of this year’s Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine

Firstly, on behalf of all of us at AAAA – staff and board members – I wanted to send our thoughts and condolences to those affected by the bushfires. Throughout this devastating time, we have been deeply affected by the stories of bravery and of loss. We understand our AAAA members are deeply affected by this tragedy, one that continues to harm our environment and our friends.
On top of the tragic loss of life and huge amounts of property lost, we are also aware of the significant business impacts and disruptions particularly in regional areas, that will unfortunately be felt for quite some time. The AAAA has compiled a list of government support services and programs, including information on Bushfire Relief and Disaster Recovery Payments, to help our members during this difficult period. If you or another AAAA member you know needs assistance or resources, please contact the AAAA National Office – we are here to help.
In more positive news, it’s incredible to think that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the AAAA’s formation. In 1980 the Association was founded by a group of businesses that became concerned with regulatory developments in Australia and their impact on the automotive aftermarket sector. Putting aside competitive rivalries, they came together to better serve and protect the industry, under the banner of the ‘Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association’. To this day, the AAAA is the only independent, national body representing and supporting the automotive aftermarket industry.
From those humble beginnings under the leadership and vision of founding Executive Director and President Graham Rose, the industry has seen huge changes. The AAAA has been at the forefront of these industry issues and in many cases championed changes to regulation to support and foster growth opportunities in the aftermarket industry. The AAAA regularly works with and provides guidance to State and National Ministers and regulators on behalf of the industry.
The AAAA has also long championed arguably the aftermarket industry’s largest issue of the modern times; mandatory data sharing. It was only late last year that the Morrison Government officially announced that Mandatory Data Sharing will become law, in what was a proud milestone moment for the Association after so many years of work.
The Association offers a vast range of other membership services. From HR and legal assistance hotlines, to our huge 2021 Auto Expo and Autocare Convention (19th -20th June 2020), networking and training events, international trade missions, industry data and market intelligence as well as marketing opportunities through this magazine and our digital channels.
Today the AAAA is better positioned and equipped than ever to fulfill our role. Our fantastic, hard-working and knowledgeable team has expanded in recent times to better service the membership and further enhance our reach and impact across the industry.
The next stage of this expansion is upon us, and I am excited to announce the addition of two new senior leadership positions to our team. These positions are designed to provide the Association with the expertise and resources to help drive the strategic direction and growth of our business, as we continue to expand our industry influence and membership value.
Tiffany Conway has joined us in the role of Head of Membership and Marketing. Tiffany has over 20 years’ experience in senior membership and marketing roles with not-for-profit organisations such as the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Defence Health Limited and in a marketing role with the RACV.
John Braden joins us in the position of Head of Operations and Strategy. John has over 20 years’ experience in senior finance and commercial roles with Ford, Toyota and BMW in Australia, and with BMW in Europe. He also comes from a family of engineers and is a car enthusiast.
I am looking forward to the positive contribution John and Tiffany will have to the team, the Association and our industry.
The AAAA Board also saw changes at its December Board meeting. I am pleased to announce that Mark Pedder has taken over as the Chairman of the Board. Mark has been a long-time advocate, and long serving Board member of the AAAA and I have no doubt that his talent and extensive industry knowledge will shine through in this critical role.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Graham Scudamore-Smith for his three year tenure as Chairman and his 16 years of service on the AAAA Board. Anyone that has worked closely with Graham knows the passion he has for our industry and for the people that work in it. Graham’s contribution and input into the AAAA Board, the PRTC, our advocacy work, as well industry skills and training initiatives has been immense and has helped the Association shape the strong and vibrant aftermarket industry we have today.
Personally Graham has provided me with tremendous support and counsel in the 13 years we have worked together and has always generously shared his valuable time and expertise. Fortunately Graham will remain on the AAAA Board in the position of Immediate Past Chairman.
Other important changes see Wayne Bryant as the new Deputy Chairman, Janelle Gonzalez filling the role of Secretary and Don Cormack taking on the position of Treasurer. I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing them and the entire board well in their important work.
With these changes to the AAAA team and our Board, the Auto Innovation Centre open for business and our new logo in place, we are feeling fresh, looking modern and ready to tackle all the challenges and opportunities that come our way in this new decade.
While we are immensely proud of our past and the lessons learned over the last 40 years, the AAAA continues to look forward to ensure we are able to anticipate future trends, provide guidance and support and provide a regulatory environment that fosters the future growth and sustainability of our great industry.

I wish you all success throughout 2020 in your business and personal endeavors. Please remember the AAAA is here to serve you. If you have suggestions on how we can further assist you or provide additional value, please contact us on 03 9545 3333 or info@aaaa.com.au