The Key Guys says it is expanding into diagnostic services

From its roots as wholesalers of key housings and garage remotes, The Key Guys says it has burgeoned through the years and has recently launched a “game-changing” new venture.
Today, The Key Guys says it is a major player in the diagnostic and programming sector, specialising in automotive key duplication. It says its flagship product, the “ground-breaking” TKG Kiosk, lead the way as a complete package for on-site key duplication.
Its product range has now grown from keys only to encompass the machinery and accessories required to cut and program those keys as appropriate to the vehicle. Backed by what it calls unparalleled technical support, The Key Guys says it is also well-regarded for providing the efficient and accurate advice that is so crucial to their customers’ success.
The Key Guys’ latest expansion is The Key Whisperers, which offers off-site Immo Service conducted in their offices and dispatched back to the customer.
Thanks to 30 plus years of experience, the team is able to not only supply ready cut and programmed keys, but also assist in any ECU/immobiliser situation, including repairs or reprogramming of ECUs and other immobiliser components.
Currently on offer are Mercedes EIS Service and immo PIN and key-cutting codes for Holden, Hyundai, and Kia, with a view to supply a broader range of codes in the near future. Always looking forward, the company says it even has its sights set on such services and ECU repair and airbag resetting.

For more information, visit www.thekeyguys.com.au