Terrain Tamer has developed a sophisticated suspension system

Terrain Tamer says this system offers better vehicle articulation and more effective drive.
The trucking industry has recognised the advantages of parabolic springs on light and heavy haulage vehicles with many popular units now having them fitted, says Terrain Tamer.
By applying this product to 4WDs, Terrain Tamer says it has improved the driving experience by improving flexibility, transferring less road shock to the vehicle and reducing driver fatigue.
The Terrain Tamer Parabolic Spring uses three leaves (instead of multipacks) which taper towards the ends, in a parabolic form. With the parabolic system, inter-leaf friction is almost non-existent compared to standard multi-leaf spring types, it says.
Due to the absence of contact between the leaves, the issues surrounding noise, rust and undue wear between the leaves are noticeably reduced and this characteristic also reduces shock load on the differential centre as it allows for easier differential housing rotation in the event of rapid changes from forward to reverse to extricate a bogged 4WD.
With a rating of 500kg, the springs are ideal for all legal loads, says Terrain Tamer, which explains that as part of the Research and Development phase for the system, the parabolic springs were tested over 2000km, towing 2320kg over rough roads through New South Wales, with daily temperatures reaching 40 degrees. Before loading, the vehicle height measured at 690mm (axle centre to tray edge) and with the load attached the height measured at 685mm. After the test, Terrain Tamer reports the vehicle returned to the original 690mm height.
Currently the springs are available for the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series but the technology will soon be extended to other applications.

For more information, visit www.terraintamer.com.au