The tides are changing in the performance scene

Luke Truskinger
Managing Director –
Auto Innovation Centre

Exciting new models are on the way from big manufacturers such as the Toyota GR, Hyundai N and BMW M lines.
Manufacturers appear to understand the desire for more affordable performance cars such as the Toyota 86, GR Yaris, Hyundai i20, Hyundai i30N, Ford ST, Mustang and more.
These cars are more accessible to more people and importantly serve more as a blank canvas for modification and customisation than supercars.
The Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) is moving with these changing tides to ensure it has the latest data and information available for the aftermarket.
The team at the AIC recently completed a teardown of the GR Yaris and developed a significant amount of 3D scan data, which is available for purchase for the development of all sorts of accessories.
Despite the global car shortage impacting the GR Yaris heavily, there has been copious amounts of product development taking place by the aftermarket which has been very exciting to see.
Our work in creating data is constantly evolving, and we will soon be taking a next gen Subaru BRZ through the complete teardown and scanning treatment. The car will also be made available to clients for testing and development activities.
The AIC team is excited about what lays ahead, and is committed to continuing to provide premium level vehicle and component testing for clients to validate and prove the performance and durability of your accessories.
2022 is certainly shaping up to be an exciting year for the performance industry and the AIC team looks forward to working with the aftermarket on what is sure to be an array of exciting development projects.