The range now includes sets to suit popular brands including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo

Proudly Australian owned, AA Gaskets says it has announced the release of 50 new Cylinder Head Bolt Sets under its Permaseal brand.
The extended range now includes sets to suit popular brands including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo.
“We are committed to providing our customers with the most extensive range of Cylinder Head Bolt Sets,” AA Gaskets Executive General Manager, Stuart Chandler, said.
“As the popularity of European cars continues to increase, we quickly identified the need to address the demands from our customers for Head Bolt Sets to suit these vehicles.”
In addition to building Australia’s largest range of Cylinder Head Bolt Sets, Permaseal is committed to providing mechanics and automotive professionals with the highest levels of aftersales support and manufacturing quality.
“We have a team of over 70, all of whom are highly trained and are considered experts in their field,” Stuart said.
“In addition, we pride ourselves on providing fast, accurate and complete delivery to ensure our customers avoid the frustration of dealing with returns.”
As the name suggests, the AA Gaskets range includes much more than just Cylinder Head Bolt Sets, in fact, AA Gaskets says it has a market leading VOR (Vehicle On Road) coverage.
“We have built our reputation on manufacturing excellence, continual range segment expansion and expert advice,” Stuart said.
“Today we have in excess of 9850 product lines, 7600 Premium SKUs, providing components for more than 3100 engines. When you combine our extensive range with our five-year, 150,000 km warranty, you can rest assured that we have got you well covered.”
AA Gaskets has been manufacturing and distributing quality components for more than 60 years. It says the result is a premium product offering combined with best in class gasket set content, means it is poised to continue to grow well into the future.
“An important part of our business is our OEM technical agreements,” Stuart said.
“We provide OEM component sourcing which has significantly increased our product development resources. As a result, we have the capacity to identify new market opportunities and release products to address these in extremely short time frames.
“The release of the 50 new Cylinder Head Bolt Sets is a great example of AA Gaskets depth in research and development.”
The team at AA Gaskets say that quality product is only part of their offering and they regularly engage trade customers and workshop staff with a variety of valuable resources.
“Our ‘Gasket Torque’ newsletter is distributed regularly and is designed to provide subscribers with updates on the release of new parts in addition to including helpful hints and technical information,” Stuart said.
To assist customers to identify the right head bolt set for their application and to ensure correct installation, AA Gaskets has developed an in-depth resource which is provided free of charge.
“You can find cylinder head bolt torque specifications and sequence guides simply by visiting our website and searching on your desired engine or vehicle listing.
“Once you have found the correct application, clicking on the spanner icon will allow you to view, print or download information to assist in bolt sequencing.”

To review AA Gaskets’ range of components, visit www.aagaskets.com.au or call 1800 620 895 to discuss your requirements.