The AAAA successfully championed mandatory data sharing law during the Inquiry

AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, and AAAA Director of Government Relations, Lesley Yates, recently appeared at the ongoing Senate Inquiry into the withdrawal of Holden from the Australian market.
Holden is currently the only vehicle manufacturer which is truly sharing data with independent repairers.
As part of their submissions, Stuart and Lesley assisted the Inquiry members to understand that Holden’s participation in data sharing means that its withdrawal will not have a noticeable impact or effect on the owners of Holden vehicles, as the Australian auto aftermarket will be able to source parts and provide regular service and repair for these vehicles into the future.
At the same time, they demonstrated to the Inquiry that the Holden withdrawal underscores and amplifies the need to expedite government commitments to introduce mandatory data sharing legislation.
To do so, Stuart and Lesley explained to the Inquiry that the withdrawal of any other brands from the Australian market in the future will leave the owners of these vehicles without the ability to choose their preferred repairer, driving up the costs of car ownership and potentially rendering people’s assets worthless.
The AAAA’s efforts to shine the spotlight on mandatory data sharing on the Senate floor proved successful, with Stuart and Lesley’s message not only well received but also followed up with a formal Senate motion calling for mandatory data sharing law to be in place by the end of 2020.
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