Australian automotive performance companies have successfully used the Centre to develop product in its first 12 months and the opening of the South Australian facility bodes well for 2021 and beyond

The AAAA continues to support the performance industry through its Auto Innovation Centre (AIC).
The AIC dedicates a portion of its fleet and resources to supporting the performance industry.
The AIC fleet currently has three performance cars – a Ford Mustang 5.0 Manual, Toyota GR Supra and a Toyota GR Yaris.
These vehicles are targeted for the development of performance accessories such as clutches, suspension, brakes, and power increases.
The AIC conducts teardown measurement and scanning activities on these vehicles as well as making them available for testing.
The AIC has customers and champion partners with a strong performance focus and is dedicated to supporting them.
Dynamic vehicle performance testing is a specialty of the AIC and can cater for unique customer requirements and support the development of customised testing protocols also.
The AIC recently celebrated its first anniversary.

Before opening, AIC management undertook in-depth industry consultation to ensure it launched with the best possible service offering at the time, which it has further developed and evolved over the ensuing 12 months.
Plenty of opportunities have also presented themselves, many in the performance sector.
For example, the AIC carried out a customised test program for Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) for the company’s composite disc brake rotor for high performance applications.

The AIC’s Ford Mustang was utilised and data measuring and logging equipment was fitted with the DBA prototype brake components, and AIC staff conducted a series of tests at Sandown Raceway to put the components through their paces.
The AIC is excited that it will launch its South Australian facility in the first quarter of 2021, which will be located in Edinburgh Parks alongside Brabham Automotive and will certainly have a big impact on the performance industry.

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