Financial year 2018/19 was a landmark year for the Association with a record financial result and the achievement of all major key performance indicators across our business

We also saw more organisational change in the last 12 months than we have in any other year of the AAAA’s 38 year history with the addition of four new team members together with the launch of the exciting new Auto Innovation Centre initiative.
Over the past three years the Board and Executive of the AAAA have identified and implemented a range of new activities and initiatives as part of our strategy to expand the profile, appeal and revenue base of the AAAA to ensure our sustainability and growth over the longer term.
The reason for the focus on these strategic initiatives is that while our business is currently trading very strongly and we have solid financial reserves, there is an increasing need to do more to support the industry.
To do that, we need to generate new income streams to fund these new activities. It also enables us to heavily subsidise the cost of delivering our existing range of membership services and activities.


Government Relations and Advocacy
In the lead into the recent Federal election we were able to secure commitments from the Coalition and ALP to implement a mandatory data sharing scheme as recommended by the ACCC. 
We will now work with the Government on ensuring this critical reform is implemented in a timely and effective manner. We will also continue to work with the ACCC to tackle the anti-competitive practices in our market relating to post-sale service arrangements.
We have also been very active on a range of other matters impacting on AAAA member companies including bull bar standards, GVM/suspension upgrades and ESC, brake testing, H racks, light bars, jerry cans and ANCAP to name a few.
We have also formed a technical working group to develop recommendations on a testing protocol to validate Gross Combined Mass (GCM) upgrades.
Over the coming year we will be launching a major consumer education campaign to clarify the myths and misinformation about servicing vehicles under warranty and fitting aftermarket parts as well as promoting the benefits of using independent workshops.

Auto Innovation Centre
Co-funded by Federal and Victorian Government industry development grants, the AIC will provide automotive product designers and manufacturers with the tools, advanced technology, vehicles, expertise and collaborative environment required to innovate, design, test and manufacture for local and export markets and will significantly reduce the time and cost in developing innovative new products.
The combined facilities in Melbourne and Adelaide will offer a range of advanced manufacturing services including 3D scanning and printing, measuring sessions, technology transfer and rapid prototyping.
In addition, state of the art testing facilities for dynamic vehicle testing such as brake, electronic stability control and ADAS testing as well as suspension development and load capacity validation will form a core element of the facility’s offering to industry, as will the delivery of training.
We anticipate these facilities will play a key role in ensuring that AAAA member companies are leveraging global leading technology and best practice when it comes to the development, testing, integration and validation of their products to verify the ongoing safety and compliance of modified vehicles.

Major Events and Networking
The Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo held in April was again a truly world class event. The combined Expos featured 430 exhibitors displaying tens of thousands of products over five acres of floor space and our exhibitors raised the bar by delivering stands and displays that would equal or better any show in our industry anywhere in the world.
Just under 10,000 trade visitors, including hundreds of international buyers from over 70 countries attended the Expo over the three days.
The second edition of the Autocare Convention is heading to Brisbane from 19-20 June next year and we are confident that attendees will be treated to an incredible array of information, market intelligence, tips, training and product demonstrations to help them better understand and leverage the significant changes taking place at every level of our industry.
We also held a range of networking events in capital cities and regional centres around the country as well as delivering common rail diesel and Oscilloscope training for technicians in each state.

Market Intelligence
To assist members in navigating the rapidly changing industry landscape, a major focus of the AAAA in recent years has been on monitoring industry trends and cutting through some of the noise and misinformation to provide authoritative advice about what to expect, when, and how to get ready for it.  
Specific activities delivered over the last 12 months include the quarterly aftermarket dashboard reports which provide updates on key trends and developments impacting on our industry.
We also delivered the results of a survey of 1500 car owners which provided a complete understanding of the workshop customer and after nearly 18 months of development we launched a vehicle car parc data tool which has been warmly received by the membership. 
We have also recently released an ‘Aftermarket at a Glance’ industry snapshot, the results of a survey of Manufacturing Businesses and a Workshop Performance Benchmarking study.
The AAAA currently has 2300 member companies which is over double the number of members we had just ten years ago. This enormous growth is providing us with an increased ability to shape the future direction of our industry through a collective, proactive and united approach to Government and an increased ability to deliver tangible and valued services.  
These are exciting times for the Association and the wider industry and the Board and staff of the AAAA are committed to ensuring that the services and activities of the Association continually evolve to meet the changing profile, needs and dynamics of our membership base.
We are committed to a process of ongoing improvement and will continue to seek feedback from you to ensure that we deliver highly valued services and activities that assist your business and the wider aftermarket industry grow and prosper into the future.