A comprehensive and free-to-attend seminar series will engage and entertain at the Expo

April’s Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAExpo), co-located with the Collision and Repair Expo (CRE) at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, will deliver unparalleled education opportunities for automotive businesses.
“The seminar program offers a great selection of topics, all ripe for discussion and input from everyone attending,” AAAA Board Member and mycar Managing Director, Adam Pay, said.
“It is important for everyone in the trade to know and feel that they are not alone. We are all trying to solve the same problems in a market that’s big enough for everyone to be successful in.
“To this end, people attending the Expo and the seminars can learn from one another and share ideas, maybe avoid making some mistakes, get some food for thought about their own business, and take some time away from the crisis management of the past couple of years to think about what the future looks like.
“This is the perfect time to draw a line under some of the challenges we’ve been facing, and set ourselves up for the future.”
A hand-picked selection of respected industry experts will offer practical knowledge on the topics that matter most in engaging and thought-provoking seminars which have been designed for everyone from workshop owners and managers who want to gain an edge in business, through to automotive technicians looking to upskill their knowledge and further their careers.
Amongst the line-up is the highly anticipated “Our skills shortage: attracting great staff and keeping them” seminar which will feature a panel discussion by AAAA Director of Government Relations and Advocacy, Lesley Yates; mycar Managing Director and AAAA Board Member, Adam Pay; Capricorn Group Chief Executive Officer, David Fraser; and the Automotive Dealer Association’s Chief Executive Officer, James Voortman.

David Fraser – Capricorn, Lesley Yates – AAAA, Adam Pay – mycar, James Voortman – AADA

“The skills shortage has been a hot topic for a number of years now, made worse in recent times by border closures due to COVID-19,” Adam said.
“It is a complex challenge with no single simple solution so it will be great to get together with some senior industry colleagues to share insights and expertise.
“As we know, it’s not just about attracting team members – the most important job is keeping them in your team, so I’m also looking forward to discussing some ideas for retaining and rewarding our people.
“We all need great team members. Without them we simply don’t have a business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dealer or part of a big chain or a standalone workshop – it is an issue that affects us all and we need to work together to resolve it. As part of the panel, I’ll be discussing some strategies for attraction and retention that have helped us at mycar, and I’m looking forward to hearing from my fellow panellists as well.”
David Fraser is particularly excited to be taking part in the seminar in light of Capricorn’s recent research on the topic of skills shortages.
“According to 53 percent of Capricorn Members who participated in our State of the Nation research, the lack of qualified staff in the industry was either very or extremely concerning. 51 percent of Members said it was the top challenge facing the industry right now,” David said.
“It’s an issue Capricorn is keen to support the industry to overcome. Through initiatives like Capricorn’s Rising Stars, and the State of the Nation report, we get a good look at the hopes and challenges of our Members and apprentices as they attempt to create the next generation of the automotive industry.
“I’m keen to discuss what we currently know about the implications of the skills shortage, what Capricorn Members think about apprenticeships, and what the State of the Nation report tells us we can do to help close the skills gap. Finding skilled technicians is tough, and whilst there isn’t a quick fix, discussing possible solutions at seminars like this, will hopefully move us closer to a sustainable talent pool.”
For James Voortman, the seminar’s focus on solutions is a key selling point.
“We have been talking about the shortage for years and it has only been compounded by the effects of the pandemic. We all know the problem, so what I am looking forward to is coming together with other participants and talking about solutions and discussing who has been doing things differently and what is working,” James said.
“The Expo and its seminar series really is a brilliant opportunity for delegates to take time out of their workplace and learn lessons they can apply in their businesses. We have had very few such opportunities during the course of the pandemic, and I’m sure all the topics will be incredibly insightful.”

Ben Selwyn – ACA Research, Tiffany Conway – AAAA, Stuart Charity – AAAA, Luke Truskinger – AIC

Another topic that is sure to inspire workshop owners is the “How high performing workshops use data to boost performance” presentation by Ben Selwyn of ACA Research and AAAA Head of Membership and Marketing, Tiffany Conway.
“As it says in the name, we are trying to provide insights into how workshops can use data to make better decisions, and improve their performance. The application of data isn’t limited to workshops either – many aftermarket businesses have had a strong couple of years, but are now looking at
what comes next, so they need to make smart decisions in order to set themselves up for success,” Ben said.
“The problem is there is too much information out there, so we want to help them cut through that overload, identifying sources they can rely on and how they can pair those together with what they know about their business and the world around them to plan out their future.”
Alongside Ben’s presentation, the AAAA’s Tiffany Conway will be running a live demonstration to bring some of the AAAA’s data tools to life. Show attendees will also have the opportunity to drop by the AAAA expo stand and try these out for themselves.
Another banner topic at the Expo will be the new Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Information Sharing Scheme, which will become Law on 1 July 2022. AAAA’s Lesley Yates will present a special seminar on this subject, explaining how the new law will work, how it will increase competition and choice for consumers, and how it will guarantee fair and open competition in the industry.
No Expo with the theme of ‘The Workshop of the Future is Here’ would be complete without a look at the topic of Electric Vehicles, so it should be no surprise that the seminar program will feature the “Electric Vehicles Trends and Opportunities” presentation hosted by AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity.
This seminar will seek to answer a wide array of questions such as: are EVs a business opportunity or will they result in a smaller independent repair network? Are EVs the end of our industry as we know it or a new beginning? When will customers start asking if you can work on their EV? What should you do to prepare? And what can government do to support you and future EV owners? EVs are coming and we need to be ready, so this seminar is one that should not be missed.
Something else workshops need to be ready for in the future is the ever-changing environment around vehicle modifications.

Rachael Evans – Workshop Whisperer, Michael Erwin – Leaderise, Emma Dalley – Industry Legal, Joseph Wheeler – AusGarage

“The future of vehicle modifications” seminar, presented by Auto Innovation Centre Managing Director, Luke Truskinger, and AAAA’s Lesley Yates, will take a look at how changing government attitudes and increasing regulation, combined with new vehicle technologies, are presenting challenges to aftermarket product manufacturers and suppliers as they continue to innovate, develop and market new products.
Also to be discussed will be how new vehicle technology affects current and future product design and testing, which auto aftermarket products are currently under government regulatory review and what the future might hold for government regulation of modifications to in-service vehicles.
Workshop success and customer service will also be addressed as part of the seminar schedule, with ‘The Workshop Whisperer’ Rachael Evans to present two seminars: “Five steps to workshop success” and “The key to improving customer service in the auto repair industry.”
Five steps to workshop success will address the biggest mistakes workshops make, and provide the action steps you need to take to grow a profitable auto repair shop. The key to improving customer service in the auto repair industry seminar will provide insights into who makes a great service advisor and who doesn’t, what responsibilities your service advisor should have, and how they can improve your customer satisfaction, your online reputation, and your overall profitability.
Speaking of workshop success, the “How to use digital marketing to grow your business” seminar, presented by AusGarage’s Joseph Wheeler, is another which will offer a number of actionable takeaways for those looking to market and grow.
Consumer trends and expectations have never changed as rapidly as in the last two years, so it is vital business owners understand what these changes mean and how they can use digital marketing tools to grow their businesses.
With this seminar, attendees will find out how to get ahead of the curve with practical advice on a range of digital tools and strategies across search engine optimisation, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, marketing automation, and much more.
Legal issues are surely a hot button topic for workshops, and so the “How to deal with the common legal issues that affect auto repair workshops” seminar by Industry Legal Group’s Emma Dalley will explain the top five legal issues raised by workshops – Consumer Guarantee Claims, Customer Supplied Parts, Warranties, Unpaid Invoices, Uncollected Vehicles – and what you can do to reduce the stress and financial burden caused by these matters.
Another hard question facing many business owners is how to confidently take a break. The “Why you haven’t had a decent holiday in years” seminar, presented by Leaderise’s Michael Erwin, will provide tips and advice on how to build trust, change your mindset and find the time to set-up systems and processes so you can take a step away and recharge.
The CRE will also host a number of additional seminars, covering digital marketing, attachment methods, drivers of business success, diversifying to get your customers to buy more, ADAS, training and building your business.
Each seminar runs for approximately 45 minutes and entry is free of charge to all registered visitors for the 2022 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo and Collision and Repair Expo. Pre booking via online registration is easy and essential, as numbers for each session are limited.

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