AAD’s General Manager, Gordon Bennett

AAD offers a complete destination for wholesale car and truck parts

Specialising in the import, manufacture, re-manufacture and wholesale of premium quality brake, clutch, steering, suspension, cooling, engine and servicing products, AAD says it should be the trade’s ‘first choice’ when it comes to these areas.
Established for more than three decades, the AAD group says it matches its vast experience and unparalleled automotive aftermarket wholesale resources with total quality throughout. It is no surprise then that it is renowned for premium quality parts which cover passenger car, 4WD, SUV, light commercial, truck, bus, agricultural and mining vehicle service applications.
AAD’s General Manager, Gordon Bennett, leads a team of highly experienced automotive industry professionals with a passion for being the first choice for specialist automotive wholesale solutions.
The team includes many highly respected industry figures including AAAA Hall Of Fame inductee Peter Armstrong.
AAD’s dedicated leaders have spent most of their careers in the automotive aftermarket industry, combining their efforts to ensure that AAD maintains its leadership position as Australia’s first choice for specialist automotive wholesale solutions.
“The AAD range of parts is the most current and comprehensive available,” Gordon said.
“Indeed, it is our goal as a company to ensure our product range leadership status is maintained through dedicated product development, innovation and global sourcing.
“Our range features not only AAD’s own quality brands Protex, Pro-Torque, IBS and Top Gun, but also most of the world’s leading automotive and commercial product brands.
“We feel that it is a major challenge for anyone to surpass the one stop value proposition we present to Australia’s parts re-sellers and automotive repairers.
“Our access to competitively priced, premium quality products, range management, detailed cataloguing and the integration of all AAD product segments into one ordering system are just some of our advantages.”
So what else does AAD view as the secrets to its advantage over competitors?
“Our continued ranging development of an extensive basket of market leading products across major passenger vehicle and truck and heavy duty parts categories are certainly key factors that set us apart from other automotive parts distributors,” Gordon explained.
“Along with our own extensive manufacturing resources, AAD brings the highest quality and most trusted brands from Australian and international automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers together in one total specialist wholesale operation which we feel drives unmatched service and value to our customers.

AAAA Hall Of Fame inductee Peter Armstrong

“Our ten advanced national customer service centres which are supported by a national distribution footprint of 11 warehouses – located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide and Perth – further allows us to deliver an unparalleled level of customer service.
“These distribution resources ensure that parts re-sellers can take advantage of AAD’s refined replenishment processes as a result of our optimised inventory distribution systems.
“AAD is also very proud of the vast experience that exists within our company. Our team consists of many highly experienced industry identities and business executives at all levels, driving strategies and implementing plans, all geared towards providing the best possible service to our customers.
“We have also maintained an excellent culture of success by promoting open communication, celebrating our achievements and acknowledging AAD team member employment milestones.”
Customer service is certainly a key theme when speaking with Gordon about AAD’s ability to deliver for its customers.
“There is clearly no substitute for strong levels of customer service and support for your wholesale specialist parts requirements,” Gordon said.
“AAD’s highly trained national customer service team forms a part of the company’s 200 plus employees nationwide.
“This team provides personal customer assistance while AAD’s online ordering service provides customer support 24/7.
“We invest significantly in constantly increasing the company’s online capabilities to further enhance our customer communications, service and sales support.”
AAD is a proud Australian ISO–9001:2015 Certified automotive aftermarket manufacturer producing world class truck, trailer and passenger vehicle components. The company is also known for its brake re-manufacturing centre, which is one of the largest of its kind in Australia.
Indeed, when it comes to the ‘one big decision’ that made AAD what it is today, Gordon points towards the development of its brake program as a key turning point.
“After we began in remanufacturing and then expanded to supplying truck parts, we developed a quality automotive brake program which really cemented our major growth and made us what we are today,” Gordon explained.
“The decision to significantly penetrate the automotive parts supply market through the addition of engine and non-brake related parts established an incomparable basket of premium products including the establishment of our key home brands of Protex, Protorque and Top Gun that delivered the company extensive and unprecedented growth.”
Like any company, AAD has its own set of challenges to overcome and a plan to see growth in to the future.
“For AAD, our biggest challenge comes in ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of product quality and customer service that we have established and developed over decades,” Gordon explained.
“Our future strategy is all about making it easier for our customers to do business with us. This includes continued development of our online capabilities.
“From a marketing perspective, we always seek to ensure that our key brands are our customers’ first choice for automotive parts solutions within our extensive market leading range.
“We work closely with our suppliers, alongside our own brands to ensure high customer visibility through specific trade marketing programs. This is something we have always done and will continue to do in the future.”
When thinking of the future and the challenges for the industry overall to come, Gordon points to the AAAA as having a key role to play moving forward.
“AAD acknowledges and supports the integral role that the AAAA plays in developing best practice to maintain a high level of industry standards,” Gordon said.
“We find that the AAAA provides invaluable industry trends, information and member support, while also giving our industry a common voice when negotiating with government and legislators to support the current and future needs of all involved in the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Industry.”

To find out more on how AAD could be your ‘one stop’ passenger car, 4WD, SUV, light commercial, heavy duty truck and bus wholesale parts destination, AAD invites you to call its customer service team on 03 8369 1400 or visit them online at www.aad.com.au