2000+ part numbers now available

Recently Australian Automotive Parts (AAP) has been investing heavily in its front end components range.
Its Selby range has expanded past 2,000 part numbers and now includes more than 400 part numbers in control arms alone.
One of the first symptoms of a worn control arm is steering wheel vibrations leading to the steering wandering.
Replacing worn ball joints or control arm bushes can be a timely and costly exercise.
AAP says the Selby range of complete new control arms is the cost effective alternative.

It explains the bushes in the Selby range of control arms are made of high quality bonded rubber and perform like original equipment. 
Soon to be included in the Selby steering program will be a range of Australian made polyurethane bushes to suit most makes and models of 4×4 vehicles.
AAP says that with its strong focus on supplying quality 4×4 components, this is a natural fit to Selby’s extensive range of steering components.  
The full range of Selby steering and suspension components is available to view on Auto Info/Oscar as well as in AAP’s online catalogues.

For more information or to view AAP’s catalogues, visit www.australianautomotiveparts.com.au