What’s the difference between your workshop and a dealer’s service department?

Every so often there is a major change or disruption to the Aftermarket industry.
Previously this has been due to technology changes such as carburettors to EFI. Suddenly everyone had to get their heads around scan tools and diagnostic trouble codes.
“There will be mechanics today with flared trousers and flowery shirts in the back of their wardrobe that remember this transition,” AASRA Executive Officer, Rodger Nardi, said.
“When I tried to think of an earlier disruption, I had to go back to the first electric starters vs turning a crank handle.
“The Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Information Sharing Scheme is the first time Aftermarket workshops are on level pegging with dealership service departments.
“Whatever service, repair, diagnostic hardware, and software a dealer accesses, so can we.
“This covers every vehicle and light commercial from the 1st of January 2002. If a brand-new model is released today, you can access all its service, repair, and diagnostic information.
“So how does this legislation potentially change what you have been doing for the last 25 years?
“You can now make a great leap in workshop efficiency by using a combination of aftermarket and genuine information.
“You are missing the major efficiency gain if you only use AASRA as a last resort for missing information.
“For example, you can subscribe to Toyota’s Techstream diagnostic software for $80+ per month. Based on 21 working days a month, that is $3.80+ per day, for which you get every Toyota DTC description, Technical Service Bulletins and if any ECUs/controllers need software updates.
“If using genuine information saves you 30 minutes, then it has paid for itself.
“You bill the subscription fee to the job and then use the 30-minute gain on another job. Let’s say you save 30 minutes on one job per day. That’s over 120 hours saved per year (252 working days in 2024).
“So, to answer the initial question of ‘the difference between your workshop and a dealership?’ The waiting lounge and coffee machine!”

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