The relocation allows AMBARC to offer even more support to Australia’s aftermarket

Leading automotive engineering consultancy, ABMARC, has completed its move to the Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC).
Located near Anglesea in Victoria, the AARC is now home to one of the world’s most advanced vehicle safety testing facilities with the completion of a $2.8 million investment to upgrade the existing facility and the introduction of a new suite of driver safety assist (ADAS) test equipment operated by ABMARC.
ABMARC says it has selected world class equipment from Humanetics, including steering and braking robots, automated target vehicles, and pedestrian and cyclist dummies.
The target platform can operate at speeds up to 100km/hr and also in wet weather, increasing its usefulness for vehicle R&D work.
The system is also suitable for use with heavy vehicles to validate the effectiveness of automatic emergency braking or blind spot detection systems on trucks.
Moving its business to the AARC in late 2020 also allows ABMARC to provide most of its testing and engineering services in one place.
In addition to ADAS testing, ABMARC supports clients through a range of engineering and test services to the light, heavy and associated aftermarket sectors, including:
• Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for GVM upgrades and design optimisation
• Testing to a range of standards including ANCAP, EuroNCAP, UNECE, ADRs, SAE such as: Driver Safety Assist (AEB, LKA), ESC, braking (including trailer), noise, trailer sway, tilt test, constant radius and more
• Durability testing
• Vehicle and product evaluations and benchmarking (including off-road performance)
• VASS engineering
• Metrology and materials testing to support component strength analysis (perfect for GVM and GCM upgrades)
• Emissions testing (laboratory and on-road with PEMS)
• Engine calibrations
• Electric vehicle testing
• Small engine dynamometer
• Controller design and manufacture (prototype)
• Wiring harness manufacture (prototype)
• Fuels and lubricants testing / performance validation
ABMARC also offers a range of second stage manufacturing services such as Commonwealth Government homologation (SSM) and vehicle conversions, stating that these capabilities provide an integrated services solution for clients.
“We are excited to offer even more support to Australia’s aftermarket industry,” AMBARC Managing Director, Natalie Roberts, said.
“Moving our business to the AARC allows us to offer a greater range of services in one place and benefits our clients greatly.
“In our drive to improve road safety outcomes, we are also conducting important research, including to better understand the impacts that vehicle modifications may have on the effectiveness of driver safety assist technologies.”

For more information, visit www.abmarc.com.au