Calico-coated ACL RACE Series Performance Engine Bearings are now available

Long term bearing industry partners, ACL Bearing Company (Australia) and Calico Coatings – USA, have announced they are now collaborating to offer customers and engine rebuilders an additional option in performance engine rebuilding.
The alliance has culminated in the release of an ACL offering of Calico-coated ACL RACE Series Performance Engine Bearings.
The extensive range covers popular Australian, US, European and Japanese applications – full application details are contained within ACL’s Coated Performance Engine Bearing Application Guide 2021.
Calico has been coating ACL bearings for individual customers for over 15 years and the partnership enhances this arrangement.
ACL General Manager, Chris Brooks, said following the successful release of a coated RACE Series Performance Engine Bearing range in the USA in June 2020, it was the logical next step to offer an extended range tailored for the Australian market.
“The obvious synergy between the two companies led to the formation of this partnership and the fully integrated product offering,” Chris said.
“Both companies have exemplary reputations for quality, performance and detailed knowledge in their areas of specialisation.
“We are holding goods stocks in both our Australian and USA warehouses and product will be available from all ACL Distributors.”

For further information or to download your copy of the Coated Performance Engine Bearing Application Guide 2021, visit