The new kits have been developed in response to strong demand

Australian Clutch Services specialise in developing performance clutch kits to suit vehicles that have had engine or gearbox conversions under the ACS performance brands, Xtreme Clutch and Xtreme Outback.
ACS has recently launched several new performance kits for popular conversions including a twin plate upgrade for GU Nissan Patrols that have been retrofitted with Nissan RB series engines. This is a common conversion for these vehicles due to the almost perfect crossover from the standard RD28 motor.
“Our new conversion kits for Nissan Patrols fitted with RB series engines have been developed due to high demand for these conversions in the market,” ACS Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“Normally when we create specialised conversion kits, we build them bespoke to each customer’s requirements. However, as these conversions are so popular and nearly always utilise the standard gearbox setup, we have been able to develop an off-the-shelf kit that is ready to bolt straight into the vehicle.”
The performance clutch has been developed to provide a significant increase in torque capacity over the standard heavy-duty range of kits due to the exceptional performance potential in the RB motor.
“The kits are designed to be used with the RB series of engines which can easily produce in excess of 500hp and therefore require a specialised performance clutch to suit,” Stewart said.
“We have also introduced two different options depending on the intended vehicle use and performance goals.”
The two options include a 230mm twin plate organic for high horsepower street applications up to 1210 Nm of torque and a 230mm twin plate ceramic for motorsport applications requiring an even higher heat and torque capacity (up to 1830 Nm). The kits come complete with a lightweight alloy pressure plate, performance chromoly flywheel, release bearing, alignment tool and replacement bolts.
“Our performance upgrades and specialised conversions kits are well known around the world for torque capacity, durability and driveability and we are always on the lookout for new applications,” Stewart said.

For more information on the Xtreme Clutch and Xtreme Outback range of products as well as the new Nissan Patrol conversion kits, please visit or call 1800 CLUTCH