The tools are available via ACS warehouses around Australia

Australian Clutch Services recently announced its new tool hire program for specialised tools required for the removal and installation of a Dual Clutch Transmission clutch assembly or fitment of a self-adjusting pressure plate.
The tool hire program has been designed to assist workshops and the ACS nationwide distribution network with the tools needed to ensure an efficient and accurate installation process.
“The tool hire program is available to any ACS distributor with the purchase of an associated ACS clutch kit,” Australian Clutch Services Business Development Manager, Colin Jevons, said.
“The tools are available via our warehouses around Australia ensuring quick delivery to distributors.”
The tool hire program currently consists of specialised tools for dry DCT clutch removal and installation as well as a self-adjusting clutch tool designed to avoid damage to a self-adjusting pressure plate during installation.
“The tools are designed to ensure the best fitment for these kits and allows workshops to take on jobs they may otherwise have been unable to complete,” Colin said.
“We encourage workshops that are looking at taking on Dual Clutch Transmission clutch replacements to utilise the tool hire program through their local ACS distributor so that they can progress into this market cost effectively.”
ACS continues to develop its already extensive range of specialised clutch tools available for purchase.
The range includes a variety of vehicle specific DCT tools, dual mass flywheel testing tools, commercial clutch fitment and testing tools as well as a wide range of general workshop equipment including pressure sprayers and bleeder tools.
ACS also offers a range of flywheel grinding machines for workshops looking to take on flywheel grinding services in-house.

For more information on the ACS tool hire program, please visit or call
1800 CLUTCH.