New clutch bleeding video released for Holden Rodeo, Colorado and Isuzu D-Max

Australian Clutch Services has recently launched a video on the clutch bleeding procedure for 2007-2012 4JJ powered Isuzu D-Max and Holden Rodeo/Colorado Models.
The bleeding procedure was investigated by the technical support team at Australian Clutch Services after feedback from customers due to some difficulty in bleeding the system.
It was discovered that it can be difficult to encourage the fluid behind the slave cylinder piston in these applications due to the location of the bleeder port in relation to the inlet from the master cylinder.
“We are always looking for ways to provide the technical support necessary for our customers to efficiently install the product,” Australian Clutch Services Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“We had several instances where customers called our technical support team with difficulty in bleeding the clutch hydraulic system in 4JJ powered Holden and Isuzu applications, so we were able to test this on a vehicle in our research and development facilities here in Adelaide to help diagnose the problem and produce a video to help guide customers through alternative processes.”
The slave cylinder in these models has an electronic actuator behind the piston that allows the line to be restricted for reduced fluid flow.
This, combined with the location of the bleeder port and inlet port, can cause air to be trapped behind the piston in the slave cylinder.
The best way to resolve the issue that we found was to clamp the line off, force the piston back and then carefully reverse bleed the slave cylinder until enough fluid has been added to allow for conventional bleeding techniques to be used,” Stewart said.
“Our video goes through this process and we believe this will help customers save time and effort with the installation.”
Australian Clutch Services offers replacement slave cylinders for this application under its ClutchPro brand as well as reverse bleeders to complete the job if required.
“We offer a comprehensive range of complete clutch kits, hydraulics and components for these vehicles and can also offer a range of reverse bleeder tools if the customer requires these,” Stewart said.
The ClutchTech technical video series by Australian Clutch Services is one of the most popular clutch specific video series available and can be found on the Australian Clutch Services YouTube channel.
With over 50 videos covering a range of technical guides and procedures, this video series is ideal for those looking for detailed but simple explanations on clutch installation procedures.
The videos are also linked via QR code with applicable technical service bulletins provided in each kit.

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