Now available for more vehicles

Back in 2015, Adrad released a selection of A/C Compressor Kits that combined all the major A/C system components needed to fully restore a failed air conditioning system.
Being available in a single part number provided an easier (and cheaper) way for workshops to order a matching set of products, and Adrad says adding an industry-leading three-year nationwide warranty made the package even sweeter.
Each kit is made using quality parts and includes the Compressor; Condenser; Thermal Expansion Valve (or Orifice Tube) and Receiver Drier / Accumulator.
Adrad states that hoses and fittings can be cleaned out and refitted but the critical parts are all new, stating that as good repairers know, this the only way to fix the A/C system properly and make it as good as new.
Kits also include a bottle of Air Conditioning System Treatment, Compressor Oil, Measuring Cup and System Guard Straps for security and tamper protection.

The straps are important to ensure the three-year warranty is not voided by someone interfering later with the repair.
Adrad says the concept has proven to be extremely popular with technicians around the country and so the range has continued to grow.
How customers respond is the ultimate measure of success, and Adrad says its A/C Compressor Kits are an example of when a new product clearly addresses a need in the market.
Adrad now offers 240 different A/C Compressor Kits to cover over 1,500 vehicle applications. They are available around the country from Adrad stockists or online.
Need to replace or upgrade your workshop A/C equipment? Adrad states JAVAC products have a reputation in Australia for being “The Professional’s Choice.”
Adrad supplies a variety of JAVAC vacuum pumps, charging stations, equipment and tools that can help prepare your workshop for the busy summer season.

For more information, contact Adrad on 1800 882 043 or order using the Natrad Trade Online or Radshop websites.