For 4x4s and more

Maintaining the largest range of aftermarket engine cooling and auto air parts with Australia-wide distribution is a challenging task.
To provide the quality parts that customers need, Adrad continues to grow its range with more than 2,700 new products added so far in 2020.
Updating the inventory of auto replacement parts is necessary to keep in tune with variations in the vehicle population.
As vehicles emerge out of their warranty period, the demand for good quality aftermarket parts escalates. Demand will also change according to the type of vehicle and issues that arise through normal wear and tear.
A significant change to the vehicle population is the number of SUVs and 4x4s on the road. Adrad says that with these vehicles representing 61 percent of new vehicle sales in Australia with 4×4 utes accounting for over 16 percent, this growth will increase demand for replacement and service parts for repairers.
Adrad’s product development team constantly reviews the needs of the market so they can provide the appropriate range of quality parts. This range also includes service parts, workshop equipment and cleaning products.
In response to the growing numbers of 4x4s on the road, Adrad has developed and added a variety of aftermarket EGR Coolers, fan clutches, fans and oil coolers to its part range. To assist servicing needs, it also stocks a range of FRAM 4WD Filter Kits, OPTIBELT drive belts plus DENSO spark and glow plugs.

EGR Coolers
EGR coolers play a vital role in maintaining efficiency and correct exhaust emissions in modern engines. Like other components they can suffer damage from vibration and corrosion or can become blocked with carbon deposits. Problems can result in engine overheating, loss of power, increased fuel consumption and excessive emissions. Continued driving with a failed EGR system can lead to severe engine damage.
Adrad says it has co-developed and carefully sourced these EGR coolers from world-class manufacturers. It states the products have advanced features and are designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications with direct, bolt-in fitment
Some 4x4s (such as Ranger, BT-50 and Amarok to name a few) can show high demand for replacement EGR coolers.
Adrad says the cause of failure could be due to the way they are driven (not enough highway travel) or a durability issue. Either way, Adrad says it has more than 60 quality aftermarket EGR cooler products available for repairers around the country.

Fan Clutches
These parts are commonly found in many 4x4s, SUVs and commercial vehicles. A viscous coupling allows the fan to spin freely when the engine is cold and engages when the engine becomes too warm.
A worn fan clutch prevents the engine cooling system from operating at optimum level. Vibration from a worn fan clutch may also be transmitted to other parts on the same belt system, leading to increased wear and premature failure.
Failed fan clutches may also place constant unnecessary load on the engine, reducing available power and increasing fuel consumption.
When a failed fan clutch does not engage cooling fans, under-bonnet heat can build up, reducing the efficiency of the vehicle air conditioning system which must work harder to maintain cabin temperature.
On the other hand, a seized fan clutch will mean the fan is always spinning whenever the engine is running. This will be noticeable due to extra noise during idling and will cause an increase in fuel consumption due to constant extra load on the motor.
Recently, Adrad has added more Adair brand fan clutches to its parts range, taking the total to around 50 part numbers available to fit popular vehicles. These fan clutches are manufactured to meet OE specifications.

Adair Fan Blades
Adrad says its range of Adair brand fan blades are manufactured to original equipment specifications and are a direct-fit replacement, designed to resist cracking and warping in the extreme heat of engine bays.
Adair fan blades are reportedly made from the highest grade Polypropylene (PP) or Polyamide (PA) to match the vehicle manufacturer’s material specifications. Blade profiles are also the same as the factory design to match cooling performance and noise levels.

Dana Engine Oil & Transmission Coolers
Exclusive to Adrad, Dana Tru-Cool aftermarket oil coolers are said to be ideal for a variety of applications including trucks, vans, passenger vehicles and SUVs which are used for carrying heavy loads or towing duties.
These high-quality coolers are available in a selection of sizes and styles to suit all manner of vehicles and include “Tru-Cool LPD” (Low Pressure Drop) and “Tru-Cool MAX” high performance variants.
All products in the range have installation kits featuring hoses, mounting hardware and fittings either already included or available separately.
With high strength brazed construction in either a stacked plate or fin and plate arrangement, Adrad says Tru-Cool LPD products deliver 30 percent more cooling and 15 times less flow restriction than that provided by a traditional tube and fin design unit.

Adrad says vehicles that require superior cooling performance should opt for Dana’s Tru-Cool MAX unit. These feature the same high strength brazed aluminium construction but offer double the cooling of the Tru-Cool LPD design.
The provided installation kit includes multiple fitting sizes and even a bypass to protect against cold start damage in severe winter conditions.
All Tru-Cool oil coolers are designed to deliver dependable auxiliary cooling that will protect engines and transmissions against overheating and premature wear. A 12 month warranty is provided and supported by Adrad’s extensive nationwide network.
Adrad says its aftermarket parts meet or exceed OE specifications and with the company’s accreditation to ISO9001-2015, you can be confident that Adrad-supplied parts are quality products.

For more information on Adrad’s extensive product range, call its customer service team on 1800 882 043.