Delphi, Denso, Tridon and Valeo ignition coil products are now available from Adrad distributors

Earlier this year, Adrad launched a collection of high-quality ignition coils, modules and coil packs. The range has recently been extended further and now includes parts from Delphi, Denso, Tridon and Valeo.
Backed by more than 100 years of collective ignition experience, Adrad says these test-proven products deliver reliability and long service life while being up to the task of meeting the demands of modern vehicles.
Over time, vibration and overheating will cause damage to ignition coils, leading to premature failure or reduced engine performance (rough/uneven idling), excessive exhaust emissions and increased fuel consumption.
Good quality is essential to withstand high temperatures and voltage as well as comply with the fitment requirements found in modern engine designs.
With technology in vehicles continuing to evolve rapidly, Delphi and Valeo ignition coils are designed to suit compact engine space, adapt to tighter emissions regulations, deliver fuel economy and cope with higher voltage.
Delphi’s proprietary steel core design allows the wire winding to be directly applied to the core, while smart engineering processes have streamlined electrical pathways to the spark plug.
High quality components have also permitted steady voltage using controlled wire lengths and quality coating, to deliver optimal engine operation.
Delphi and Valeo have created a smaller compact design, resulting in fewer materials and tighter coupling to the electromagnetic circuit. The result of this efficient energy delivery is enhanced fuel efficiency and engine performance.

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