These radiators for classic cars are manufactured in Australia

Do you remember the times when Australian cars had bumper bars made from chromed metal and radiators were built from copper and brass?
With the decline in local car manufacturing, the value of classic cars made in Australia like the Falcon, Torana, and Kingswood has increased considerably. Of course, the highest value is attained when a vehicle is kept as close to the original condition as possible.
This can be a challenge for many car restorers as genuine spares or high-quality reproduction parts aren’t always easy to find.
One company that car restorers may look to for Australian made radiators for classic cars is ADRAD. This company offers traditional copper brass construction and original replacement for classic cars, all manufactured in South Australia. ADRAD has been working in this space for decades and has developed a strong reputation for manufacturing radiators and cores to fit all kinds of vehicles and equipment.
ADRAD says that its manufacturing team has a strong understanding of the technical intricacies of heat exchange products.
The team applies these skills and knowledge to a range of classic car part numbers built using the original Natra tooling, which was used to manufacture OE parts in Australia over 50 years ago. This means that ADRAD’s radiators are true to the originals.
ADRAD has a range of options to meet a variety of classic cooling needs for Aussie cars. The company offers high performance custom alloy radiators for older vehicles with enhanced engines to manage the extra heat load. Another option is using pressed alloy tanks and a black finish, which will combine an original look with modern cooling technology.
Whether it’s made from copper, brass, steel or alloy and is used on the street, track, off-road, construction or mine site, ADRAD says that its experienced design and manufacturing team can help you keep your cool.

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