People usually associate the name Adrad with radiators but the company offers much more

As the country’s largest aftermarket radiator manufacturer and supplier, Adrad’s most well-known products are radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers and also air conditioning parts.
Now 35 years on, it says its extensive range of replacement parts for Australia’s vehicles is significantly larger.
2019 has seen Adrad’s product range expanding with more categories of replacement parts and products being adopted.
The rate of new products is reportedly at an all-time high and has occurred both from new part numbers being added to existing lines and also from completely new product categories being introduced.
As always, Adrad says it is careful to partner with the world’s best manufacturers to maintain its reputation for high quality parts and excellent after-sales support.
Back in 2013, Adrad launched a new range of high quality, long service life, Australian manufactured coolants and treatments. This year the range has expanded and now features special formulations designed specifically for European, Korean and Japanese makes.
Filtration is another product category that has seen significant growth recently. To accompany its air conditioning parts, Adrad offers a range of cabin air filters that suits more than half the applicable vehicles on the road – something to keep in mind with plenty of spring pollen and dust around.
As a distributor of FRAM products, Adrad has quality oil filters, fuel filters and air filters available too. These long-lasting filters meet or exceed OE spec and provide excellent value for money, says Adrad.
This year saw the introduction of around 50 new OE and aftermarket blower motors featuring brands like Adair, Valeo and Denso. Adrad says Valeo blowers are fitted as OE parts to one in every three vehicles produced in Europe while Denso blowers are fitted as OE in many Japanese makes. The Adair blowers are also quality parts which is why the complete blower range is supported by the same Adrad national warranty, it says.
Adrad’s range of water pumps has now grown to cover over 680 popular vehicle applications and by adding around 60 new fan clutches and fan blades to suit 4×4’s and light commercials has launched yet another product category that they cater for. 2019 has also seen over 240 glow plugs added to Adrad’s product catalogue.
Adrad says this all means that ultimately, vehicle repairers can now source a greater variety of quality parts from their Adrad stockist, stating that “making the process simpler, easier and faster helps workshops to maximise their most valuable resource – time.”

For information about your nearest distributor of Adrad products, call 1800 882 043.