Formulated for aircraft; perfect for your car

International Aero says its Aero Premium Detailing Products and Ceramic Coating are manufactured in the USA and are of the highest quality.
The USA-based company was launched in the mid-80s by Jonathan Saltman and to this day, Jonathan is still the man behind International Aero products.
Jonathan’s two great passions are cars and planes, so it was only a matter of time before he took the Aero products he had developed and perfected over many years for Aircraft Detailing into the Automotive Detailing market.
International Aero says there is no greater test to products than exposing them to the rigours of aircraft where there are extremes in temperatures such as +120 Deg F on the ground to -60 Deg F at 50,000 feet in the air.
The Aero Detailing Products and Aero 10H Ceramic Coatings are used and certified to protect Gulfstream Jets, Bombardier Jets and countless others.
Aero says its slogan of ‘Formulated for Aircraft and Perfect for your Car’ is certainly true, and that the range of Aero products for the Automotive Detailing shops and Retail customer is extensive.
It explains that its beautifully presented products range from premium quality interior cleaning and protection products such as Aero Immaculate to exterior products such as its waterless cleaner and polish Aero Shine and all the way through to the Aero 10H Shield Diamond Ceramic Coatings.
The Aero Ceramic Coatings reportedly have specific formulations for Vehicle Exteriors, Interiors, Glass, Marine, Aircraft, PPF Finishes, Wheels and many more.
Aero says its ceramic products are “without a doubt the most durable on the market,” giving up to seven years of protection due to their “cutting edge Nano Hexagonal Matrix Technology and German ingredients along with a reduced solvent structure that produces truly world class results.”
As a manufacturer and supplier to both the Aircraft Industry and Automotive Detailing marketplace, Aero says it is always there to lead the way with new solutions and new products that will enhance and protect your customer’s investment, whether it is a new vehicle or an old classic car, bike, truck, boat or plane.
Aero says its “quality and range is second to none and that no other manufacturer has the quality nor the product depth available that Aero does.”

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