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Rocket Industries says Aeroflow’s range of performance products includes an impressive range of ignition and auto electrical parts to build and service your street machine, custom or hot rod.
The range includes universal eight, 12 and 21 circuit wiring harnesses, LS1 and LS3 stand-alone harnesses, fan relay kits, electrical bulkheads, weatherpack connectors, de-pin kits, coil plugs and extensions, injector adapter plugs and harnesses, ethanol content sensors, 02 sensors and connector kits as well as the Xpro ignition range of distributors for Ford Holden Chevy and Chrysler, ignition leads coils and associated accessories, starter motors and alternators.
Xpro starter motors are a Nippon Denso style high torque reduction starter that are available in standard and compact 1.9HP and 2.7HP variations, which Rocket Industries says are perfect for high output engines that need good clearance for exhaust headers and require a strong reliable starter. The billet aluminium mounting block is able to rotate to maximise clearance.
Xpro 1 wire self-exciting alternators are available from 100 up to 200 amp and are available in chrome, black and natural finish depending on the model. Service parts and accessories are also available.
Aeroflow’s range of switches includes battery isolators, missile switches in different colours with leads, switch panels, starter switches and relays to help you control all your electrical functions.

To complement these is a plethora of harnesses, relays and bulkhead connectors and connector kits in weather tight and weather pack styles that make all your electrical installations a snap, says Rocket Industries.
Aeroflow Performance’s range of universal wiring harnesses come complete with fuse box, relays and fuses.
Each wire is colour coded and labelled every six inches (152.4mm) for the entire length to allow ease of installation in any car, hot rod or race car.
These eight, 12 or 21 circuit wiring harnesses will wire up heaters, air conditioning, wiper motors, various accessories, turn/hazard signals, relay outputs, brake switches, instrument clusters and more and Rocket Industries says the included fuse box is compact and therefore perfect for installation in confined areas.
Further, it states Aeroflow’s GM LS series plug and play harnesses for EFI GM LS1/LS6 and LS3 series engines are a complete standalone replacement wiring harness that suits GM LS series with drive by cable throttle body and manual or automatic transmissions. It says these are perfect for retrofitting into older muscle cars and street rods or newer non-emissions-controlled vehicles.
To round out the range, Aeroflow offers a multitude of conversion injector adapters to convert between Bosch/Denso/Uscar/Nissan/EV1 and Toyota.

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