Allowing you to tune the throttle curve

The Aeroflow Performance Electronic Throttle Controller (ETC) unit is a throttle response controller that allows you to tune the throttle curve of the vehicle’s engine.
By providing new points of reference for the vehicle’s throttle mapping this will either sharpen or dampen the vehicle’s throttle response.
This is designed to work with most fly by wire throttle vehicles which tend to have delay from the moment the accelerator pedal is pressed.
The ETC reduces and eliminates this delay by giving you the ability to adjust the throttle’s sensitivity.
The ETC unit is equipped with a clear display and settings menu for easy operation.
There are three road driving modes (Normal, Economy, Performance) which offer different settings for different driving styles and conditions.
The Performance mode and Economy mode also feature up to nine adjustable settings in each mode.
The fourth driving mode includes an anti-slip mode designed to easily move the car in low friction terrain and the unit also offers the anti-theft mode that is built into the unit.
The ETC is easy to DIY install, says Aeroflow, which explains you can purchase the unit itself and the required harness sold separately to suit each specific vehicle.
This harness will allow you to plug in-between your factory pedal assembly and pedal plug. The wiring is then simply run through the dash and the unit is mounted in a suitable location.

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