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Aeroflow Performance manufactures a range of driveline components including engine plates, billet SFI rated flex plates, transmission yokes for GM and Ford transmissions and a range of replacement Ford 9” differential components.
Rocket Industries says “as with all Aeroflow parts, these quality components represent great value for money that give workshops and mechanics the ability to make good margin while keeping prices competitive.”
The Ford 9” range includes diff housings, axle tubes, axles, billet tube ends, wheel studs, nodular iron cases, full spools, limited slip style PowerTrax assemblies, shim kits, seals and bearing kits, diff breathers, axle perches and universal joints.
Rocket Industries says these parts are perfect for replacing and upgrading all old school cars running Ford 9” diffs and for building custom 9” differentials for most street machines.
Diff housings are available in standard and competition spec which utilise thicker steel and CNC housing flanges that allow the axle’s tubes to be welded in two places for extra strength.
Thick (4.77mm) axle tubes and billet axle tube ends to suit small, big and early model Ford bearings complete your 9” housing which would be at home on the street or race track.
Cut-to-fit 9” axles are available in 28 and 31 spline in different lengths with four inches of spline so they can be cut to your requirements. 31 spline axles are drilled for 4.5 and 4.75 stud patterns to suit Ford, Chrysler and Chevy.
Aeroflow also offers two options for your diff centre.
It says the Powertrax assembly is the latest design in traction control, utilising three x two spiral gear technology for smooth, dependable operation that combines limited-slip characteristics from gears contained in a machined, forged steel centre housing.
The Powertrax reportedly delivers progressive and variable traction releasing tension on the centre to turn corners while locking up to put the power down through both wheels in a straight line. And for the more competition-oriented diff, Aeroflow’s full spools come in 28 and 31 spline lightweight steel.
The Ford 9” CNC forged aluminium Daytona style pinion support is said to be a great upgrade from the cast iron models. This pinion support uses a standard Ford 9” front pinion bearing and the Daytona style pinion bearing on the rear.
The latest addition to the Aeroflow Performance range are billet flexplates.
Rocket Industries says the lightweight one-piece design is stronger and more durable than any two-piece style of flex plate.
Machined from 4340 round bar with precise tolerances and with a chamfered gear teeth for better engagement with the least amount of runout, Rocket Industries says all of its Aeroflow billet flexplates are certified to SFI 29.2 and are available for many different models.
Rocket Industries explains that Aeroflow offers a comprehensive range of bearings, studs, seals and gaskets to build and overhaul your 9” differential and a massive array of performance parts.

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