Two new turbochargers are being introduced to the market; perfect for small spaces

Aeroflow Performance says it is pleased to offer to the market its Boosted 4849 and Boosted 5449 Turbochargers.
Aeroflow Performance Boosted turbochargers are designed specifically for the enthusiast who wants optimal performance at a competitive price.
Boosted Turbochargers have a range of specific turbos to meet your power goals, driving style and budget. Boosted turbocharger’s utilise billet compressor wheels and feature the latest aerodynamic design that maximises horsepower and boost response throughout the rev range.
The turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to extremely high exhaust gas temperatures.
Boosted 4849 and 5449 Turbochargers
Aeroflow says it new Boosted 4849 and Boosted 5449 Turbochargers are perfect for anyone looking for a simplified upgrade to fit in a tight space.
Developed for modern engines in compact engine bays, the Boosted 4849 and 5449 IWG can flow up to 550hp and 650hp respectively without the added complexity of finding space for an external wastegate and associated plumbing.
Using the latest tech Ball Bearing Core design plus point-milled 7075 aircraft grade billet compressor wheels, Aeroflow says these turbos are extremely responsive and efficient.
The dual V-band .72 A/R rear housing provides enough flow and also a compact footprint compared to a T-2 or T-3 square flanges.
Aeroflow explains that these sizes are perfect for four- and five-cylinder engines or even as a twin setup on V6 engines.
Part numbers:
• 4849: AF8005-2013 and AF8005-2013BLK
• 5449: AF8005-2018 and AF8005-2018BLK

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