The specialist company designs and manufactures air suspension systems for light, medium and heavy vehicles

Airbag Man has successfully secured a large export contract for a vehicle manufacturer in Asia after the company was contacted to help improve ride quality for local buses.
Airbag Man company engineers worked to further develop the well proven air suspension systems available and included carefully selected front and rear heavy-duty Firestone airbags and an automatic height control system including 24-volt air compressor.
The project involved calculated modification of the existing leaf springs and shock absorbers to work with the airbags to achieve the desired suspension qualities.
The cost-effective system components work especially well together providing better ride comfort whilst maintaining a level ride height under all passenger load conditions and reduced whole of life maintenance costs.
Airbag Man were audited by the vehicle manufacturer to become a mainstream supplier which was complimented by the long standing ISO9001 certification compliance the company has held and maintained since 2007.
“It is a policy of the company to only supply the highest quality components that have recognised certifications,” Airbag Man Sales Manager, Ben Brown, said.
“There is a lot of non-certified product being offered and it is important for manufacturers and end users alike to ask the question before buying.
“We have a well-developed specialist sales and service network throughout Australia and the Asia region which we fully back up, however, we are always interested to hear from anyone who thinks we may be of help.”
The specialist company designs and manufactures air suspension systems for light, medium and heavy vehicles and has a broad range of air control options available.
Using high-quality Firestone and Dunlop air springs the company lists many other high-quality products amongst its range such as AMK compressors, Acceval lift axle systems and Cellasto microcellular mounts.
Air control system components are available, such as 12 and 24-volt compressors, air tanks, height control valves, solenoids and kits include basic manual inflation through to full ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) and lift axle systems.
Airbag Man is well proven in working with large or small manufacturers or individuals on projects to incorporate airbags as actuators or vibration isolators.

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