After a brief hiatus, the AAAA Aftermarket Dashboard is back with a new format and new analysis and content

As before, the AAAA will produce this free of charge industry publication, capturing statistical and related data as indicators of the trends and health of the auto aftermarket industry.
The full Aftermarket Dashboard report is emailed directly to members. Please find following some highlights from the latest report.

Current state of the market
• Consumer confidence is at 97.7 percent, a decrease in 1.2 percent from the last quarter.
• Business Confidence is at 114.1 percent, an increase of 0.1 percent over the last quarter.
• Average weekly fuel prices sit at $1.25 per litre, a decrease of 6c over the last quarter.
• Australian new car sales topped 320,000 vehicles in Q2 2017, driven by strong EOFY sales.
• New South Wales lead in ‘car sales by state’ data, ahead of Victoria and Queensland.
• Toyota sold 60,512 automobiles this quarter – accounting for one in five new cars sold in Q2 2017 – topping ‘new car sales by Marque’ ahead of Mazda and Hyundai.
• Country of origin data continued to evolve in line with the marque data, with Japan remaining the top import market while Thailand and, to a lesser extent, Korea closed the gap.

Purchasing Trends
• SUVs outsold passenger vehicles in Q2 2017. While they still make up less than a quarter of the car parc, this is expected to continue to grow. Light Commercials (LCV) also outperformed their share of car parc this quarter, driven by high volumes of trade purchasing.
• The Toyota Hilux was the top selling new car model (4.1 percent market share, 13,045 units) ahead of the Ford Ranger (3.8 percent/12,240), Toyota Corolla (3.0 percent/ 9,545), Mazda 3 (2.6 percent/8,397) and Hyundai i30 (2.5 percent/8,133).
• In the Luxury Marques, Mercedes-Benz controlled a market share of 13 percent, with 11,918 sales representing a 3.9 percent increase over the last quarter. BMW sold 6,513 vehicles (up 2.1 percent on LQ) for a market share of three percent, while Audi boasted 5,458 sales (up 1.8 percent on LQ, 4 percent market share)

Servicing Forcecasts
• 74 percent of cars in Australia are currently more than six years old.
• Access to technical and diagnostic information will increasingly become an issue for non-dealership workshops as more than two million vehicles approach the six to 11 year age bracket.
• The marques being serviced are also likely to evolve over the next 12 to 24 months as the car parc continues to evolve – Volkswagen, Hyundai and Mazda have higher proportions of vehicles in the four to five year age bracket, while the declining share of Holden and Ford will become more evident.

Future Needs
• Diesel continues to perform strongly as a fuel type in the Australian market (22 percent car parc share)
• Petrol controls a 77 percent share of the car parc
• Sales of hybrids and electric vehicles remain weak, reflecting consumer concerns. Recent activity suggests this will change, driven by falling manufacturing costs (and end-user pricing), and improvements to battery technology and range.
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