The South Australian Auto Innovation Centre will help serve the broader automotive industry

The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) is proud to announce the South Australian branch of the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) has officially opened to the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Industry.
Co-located with Brabham and Precision Buses at the Fusion Capital Holding facility in Edinburgh, the South Australian AIC is targeted at supporting the vast range of South Australian automotive product manufacturers in their research and development.
The South Australian AIC branch launch follows the opening of the Victorian Head office in December 2019. The facility will provide a taste of the AIC experience in the heart of Adelaide.
Boasting a clean and modern workshop with sophisticated automotive tools and equipment as well as access to vehicles, the new facility is the perfect place for local companies to conduct first-class product development.
An initiative of the AAAA, the AIC is a cutting-edge facility that will increase capability of automotive companies and aid in new product development for local and export markets.
Utilising the latest technology and quality workshop equipment and providing crucial data and testing services, the AIC’s goal is to transform the automotive aftermarket industry.
With access to new production vehicles, the AIC will obtain important vehicle data and use 3D scanning for companies to streamline new product development. Better data means better products and optimised integration of aftermarket products.
Training and education are also key components of the AIC’s role in supporting the automotive industry, offering the perfect venue for automotive training on a range of technologies and new equipment, via a dedicated training facility.
State-of-the-art robotic equipment delivers premium vehicle testing services for product manufacturers, including Sine-with-Dwell testing (ADR88) to validate Electronic Stability Control (ESC) performance, and brake performance testing (ADR31/35). The AIC will also provide product-level testing via static and dynamic loading plus vibration validation.

On Thursday 29 April in front of a hundred industry representatives, sponsors, dignitaries and media, Senator Rex Patrick cut the ribbon to open the South Australian AIC facility in Edinburgh.
Senator Patrick spoke to the assembled audience on the importance of a facility like the AIC that will support the Australian automotive and manufacturing sector and the aftermarket companies contributing in a meaningful way to the Australian economy.
Joining the Senator in welcoming those in attendance and speaking of the vision of the AIC was AIC Managing Director, Luke Truskinger, and AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity.
“The Auto Innovation Centre was the fruition of over five years work by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and was modelled on the SEMA Garage in the US,” Stuart said.
“Thanks to Senator Rex Patrick and the Federal Government investment, we were able to bring this incredible asset to the aftermarket industry to reality.
“Now both facilities are up and running, it will increase the industry’s access to the technologies, services and training and development opportunities the AIC can offer for their direct benefit.” 
The AIC offers a mix of key services to the automotive industry, including ADR testing and electronic stability control (ESC) validation.
With access to key new target vehicles, the AIC will obtain important vehicle data, use 3D scanning to assist aftermarket companies’ product development and allow developers to get ‘hands on’ with these vehicles.
The advanced workshop equipment and technology will be accessible to the industry and this includes the AIC’s investment into additive manufacturing through 3D printing equipment and training modules.
The Centre of Excellence will be a Hub for automotive training and education, playing a key role in inspiring the next generation of automotive industry workers. The AIC offers the perfect venue to ensure industry personnel can maximise their potential.  
“This is a fantastic new facility for the industry, so we welcome companies contacting us to discuss how the Auto Innovation Centre can directly assist their business,” Luke said.

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