From Adrad

Last year, Adrad launched a range of A/C Compressor Kits that include all the parts needed to fully restore a failed air conditioning system.
Each Adrad Compressor Kit provides the Compressor; Condenser; Compressor Oil; Thermal Expansion Valve (or Orifice Tube) and Receiver Drier/Accumulator.
Hoses and fittings can be cleaned out and refitted but the critical parts are all new. Each kit includes a bottle of Air Conditioning System Treatment and System Guard Straps for security and tamper protection; you even get a Measuring Cup.
Purchasing these parts as a kit has many benefits. It saves time because there is only a single part number to order. It is convenient because the job of matching the correct parts together is already done for you.
Adrad’s range of A/C Compressor Kits now covers more than 1,400 vehicle applications. To top if all off, Adrad’s Compressor Kits come with a three-year nationwide warranty.
Adrad says this reflects its confidence in the quality of parts they supply and also provides an incentive for repairers to do the work thoroughly so that you only have to “replace it once,” stating that getting the job done right means the vehicle owner is happy with a fully restored A/C system, covered by a three-year national warranty and the repairer is satisfied with a reduced risk of come-backs.
Adrad says innovation is a key factor in its continued growth over the past 34 years to become Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket radiators and air conditioning parts. The company says it is also dedicated to quality, and this is reflected in its ISO9001:2015 certification.

For more information, contact your Adrad stockist or call 1800 882 043.