Delivered by Unique Auto Parts

Unique Auto Parts says it has been dedicated to bringing reliable and affordable spare parts for European vehicles to the Australian market since 1998.
With strong relationships with German companies, Unique Auto Parts has been able to source generally hard to find parts.
One such company is TruckTec, which has been helping Unique Auto Parts bring commercial and passenger parts to the Australian market.
Air suspension components are known for their expensive nature. Unique Auto Parts says thanks to this partnership, parts which previously could have only been found genuine with a large price tag are now available, such as TruckTec air suspension struts, air suspension pumps and air suspension bags.
As most modern vehicles are fitted with air suspension to provide a smoother ride, Unique Auto Parts says they are often failing after years of use and this is where it is able to help.
Unique Auto Parts stocks air suspension struts, pumps and bags for Mercedes, BMW and Audi, with the parts having been thoroughly tested by TruckTec and accompanied by a 12-month warranty. The air suspension pumps also come with a relay that is recommended to be changed at the same time, all for a fraction of the genuine cost.
Unique Auto Parts has one of the largest ranges of European spare parts available, from Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Citroen, Mini, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Volvo and Land Rover.
The range extends to filtration, brake components, suspension, steering, electrical, engine, lubricants, oils, sealants and car care and are all from “the most reputable German and UK brands” such as JP Group, Quinton Hazell, TruckTec, Hella, Bosch, BBR, Zimmerman and JP Group Classic.
Unique Auto Parts says it is able to provide prompt and fast delivery from five conveniently located warehouses across Australia.
The three warehouses in Victoria service Dandenong, Mornington, Heidelberg and the surrounding areas. The store in Brisbane is located in Slacks Creek and the Perth store is located in Beckenham, with both stores having delivery drivers who continuously go back and forth delivering parts.
Priding itself on customer service, Unique Auto Parts says that when you ring, it can ensure the right part for your car every time.

For more information, call Unique Auto Parts on 1300 864 864 or visit