Aisin says you have been using its products for years without knowing it

Aisin says it caters to the top 100 selling vehicles, with its premium quality replacement range including water pumps, fan clutches, fan blades and fan pulley brackets.

Water pumps
Aisin says it is the world’s number one original equipment manufacturer for water pumps. It states its advanced aluminium die-casting technology combines strength, performance and durability with quality materials that withstand heat, vibration and corrosion, as well as premium bearings that ensure each Aisin water pump is protected from the constant operational pressure.
Engine specific water pressure is achieved without excessive load to the engine and Aisin’s aluminium die-casting technology allows for size and weight reduction. Aisin says the improved strength in body design and carbon ceramic mechanical seals assures leak prevention.

Fan clutches
Aisin says its Fan Clutches give controlled cooling quickly and efficiently, regulating the fan speed to match engine RPM, with air temperature constantly monitored. Always OE-matched, Aisin Fan Clutches ensure fast reaction to temperature changes for maximised engine efficiency.
Aisin states its fan clutches are manufactured with the highest quality materials to withstand heat and vibration while adjusting coolant temperature for optimal engine efficiency.

Fan blades
Engineered to exacting OE specifications, Aisin says its Fan Blades make cars lighter in weight and higher in performance while cooling the vehicle’s radiator with rotational ventilation, reducing the air pressure and helping keep the engine running at the proper temperature.
The fan blades work to maintain optimal pressurisation between the fan and radiator and decreases rotational mass for maximum air ventilation.

Fan pulley bracket
Aisin says its fan pulley brackets are precision engineered, OE-matched, and built to last. These essential supporting structures hold the clutch fan, and are built from only the best quality materials to ensure robust and reliable performance.
Aisin explains its optimal geometrical design maintains structural integrity, ensuring fan clutch stability. It says the brackets are equipped with the highest quality bearings to support extreme clutch fan rotations and ensure thermal stability and optimised friction characteristics for durability and long life.
Aisin’s range is available to the Australian aftermarket through Exedy’s vast network of dealers and distributors.

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