A large range of gearsets are in stock and ready to ship for a range of vehicles

Performance transmission manufacturer Albins has been busy restocking traditional gearsets to suit popular modern classics from Toyota, Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi.
Albins says it has seen renewed interest in these products thanks to a resurgence in modifying and campaigning classic vehicles in tarmac rally, improved production and drag racing, as well as from the high-performance street scene.
They have a large range of gearsets in stock and ready to ship, for vehicles including the Supra, Evo, RX-7 and WRX.
The Supra W series 5-speed is a common gearbox upgrade in all kinds of classic and performance cars, with a variety of adapter plates making it a popular choice in a range of applications. Supra gearsets are available in close-ratio synchro and dog engagement versions.
Albins also has a wide variety of gearsets in stock to suit all Mitsubishi Evo I to X, and synchro and dog engagement gearsets for Mazda RX-7 FC and FD type gearboxes.
Subaru WRX owners can choose from an exhaustive range of five and six-speed gearsets, in synchro and dog variants, with a number of ratios available for different applications.

For price and availability, call Albins on 03 5335 8022.